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How to Optimize Your Site & Submit Your Site to Google News

Google News is a major traffic source for news websites, it can also provide you some traffic if your site has 20 to 30 articles related to latest news or old news, but the article should be entirely focused on a particular news, it can be technology, cinema, politics, world news, etc.

So in this tutorial I will show you how to optimize your site for google news and how to submit your blog/site to google news and get approved easily! If you don’t have any articles related to a news or focusing a particular news then write 10 to 20 articles and apply for google news after 3-4 months…

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How to Optimize your site to get approved in Google NEWS

I will be introducing some terms and conditions below from google which will be short and easy to understand their policy so that you can get approved there easily!

  1. News Content: You site should offer timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to google news readers.
  2. Journalistic standards: Original reporting and honest attribution are longstanding journalistic values.
  3. Authority: Write what you know! The best news sites exhibit clear authority and expertise.
  4. Accountability & Readability: Write articles with correct spelling and grammar make for a much better user experience. Tell users the value news sites with author biographies and clearly accessible contact information, such as email and physical addresses, and phone numbers.
  5. Below is a screenshot from google news telling you other SEO factors that influence in approval process.

How to Submit your Blog/Site to Google News

  • Follow this link, scroll to bottom and click on submit your site for inclusion! as shown below.
  • Now a popup will open asking you “Have you, or anyone from your organization, applied for inclusion in Google News in the past 60 days?” click on no to continue for submission process, if you click yes then it will abort you from process, sometimes it may ban your computer/IP from trying for a submission again!
  • Now they will ask you for further details about your blog, make sure that you enter all details with at most preference all are very important, when they ask news page of your blog, try to tag all the news articles in a single tag and they send the search label of that tag to them!
  • Finally make sure that all the details you entered are correct and click on Submit.
If you receive any errors correct it, and then if your submission is successful then you will receive the following message.
After everything, if your application is successfully sent to google staffs then you will receive an email saying “Thank so much for your interest in Google News! Your submission is in our system, and our team looks forward to soon reviewing your content in more detail.”
However my submission went unsuccessful as I had only 16 articles related to news and they’re old too. See the screenshot below sent by google to me.
Now I have to wait for 2 more months (60 days) to apply again for Google news, all the best for your approval, is you like this tutorial then share it with your blog mates, and also share your experience below in comments.

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