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How to Hide Any Software/Files/Videos or Anything Behind an Image

Hi guys! I am back with an interesting trick today, i.e, How to hide any files behind an image. It is very easy and simple trick, no external software are required to do this, you just need an image of .jpg,.png,.gif formats and winrar compressor to compress the file you want to hide.

We are going to perform this trick using command prompt, this trick is tested in windows 7/8/8.1 and working fine! Play with this trick and amaze your friends, and transfer files secretly with others knowledge. Remember you can’t transfer virus with this method to victims computer as this is invisible to antivirus software and they can trace it easily!

How to Hide Anything Behind an Image

  • Choose an image! Then put all your secret stuffs which you want to hide in a separate folder.
  • Now compress the folder using winrar compressor. and drag the image and the compressed folder to the same location, move both of them to desktop because it will easy to write command.
  • Now open command prompt, by typing cmd in run and hit enter. And type your directory path in it, I am doing it in desktop so I type, CD Desktop and hit enter and your Desktop will open in CMD as a command line  as shown in screenshot below.
  • Now follow this step carefully, and type in same order…

     Copy /b imagename.extension + filename.rar finalimagename.extenstion

    In my Example I am typing Copy /b SGT10.jpg + Sample.rar FinalCombination.jpg

You will see a message, 1 File copied, you can copy multiple file by adding + and typing the file name. and you can also hide image behind the rar folder by interchanging the commands.

How to access the hidden folder

  • Open winrar.
  • Click on add at top and locate your hidden image file and open it and extract it. Note! when you browse the file, the default option will show only the compressed files, so change the save as type to All Files, now you can select your secret file!

I hope you like this trick, using this trick you can prank your friends, play with it anywhere in any computer. Share this article and subscribe our newsletter to get such tutorials directly to your inbox☺

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