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How to Hide a Partition of Your Hard-Disk Without Any Software

Hey Guys! I am back with another trick, i.e, How to hide a partition of your hard-disk without any software, just by using your CMD. Using this trick you can just hide any partition of your hard-disk for privacy reasons and you can unhide it any time☺So, follow the procedure carefully as it’s lengthy!

Logic behind this trick is that, if you unmount any partition drive then it will not be displayed in my computer, but it will exist everywhere else. So, using this loophole we can hide any drives from my computer. And don’t worry, we can get it back easily.

Procedure to Hide a Partition of Your Hard-Disk

Check my Computer, you can see G drive named as others, in this tutorial I will hide it and unhide it. 
Note: Doing this will not affect the drive in any manner.
  • Open Command Prompt using run ( Hold windows key + R ) and type cmd and hit enter.
  • Now CMD will open type there and hit enter. A new dialog box will open asking “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer” Click on yes! then Microsoft Diskpart tool will open through which you can play with your drive with 20+ tools.

  • After that, type list volume in that tool and hit enter, it should show all the disks available in your computer, even the external disks if connected. Decide which partition to hid and note the corresponding volume number. 
  • In this example, I am going to hide Drive G, so the corresponding volume number is 4 as you can see in above screenshot. Now type select volume <your number> and hit enter I have to type select volume 4, then the volume will be selected. An asterisk (*) should be shown before the selected drive, which indicates you have successfully selected it.
  • If you have selected the volume correctly as seen above, then type remove letter <drive letter>, here I have to type remove letter g. That’s all it’s done! Go and check your My computer the partition will be vanished. Look at the image below ↓↓↓
  • Don’t Panic! we can get it back easily, If you have closed the tool, open it again and follow the step till you select the required volume, don’t remove it again (anyway you can’t). Now just type assign volume <drive letter>, I have to type assign volume g. And then your drive will be back.
  • Check your My computer, the drive will be back. Don’t play too much with this trick, because a wrong command may damage your drive. And never try to hide the main drive where you have mounted your OS!

That’s all, hope you like this tutorial, I will be posting about more such trick and PC hacks in upcoming days, so stay tuned with techspotz to know more what you love to. If you like this article then  share it with your friends and also subscribe your newsletter to get more such tutorials direct to your inbox!

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