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How to Fix Out of Sync Audio or Audio Lag of a Video in VLC Media Player

I know each and everyone of us came across this situation we when watch new movies or broken videos or very long videos, or may be because of our video player, what happens is audio lags behind the actual video or video lags behind audio and the scenes and audio doesn’t match! or some times then become faster and end 5 to 10 mins before the video ends which is annoying.

If you are a regular computer user and you watch more video and listen songs, then you will surely know VLC media player, the best media player I know so far. Many people love VLC media player because it plays broken videos, plays videos of all format, etc. And another good thing is we are going to fix this issue using VLC media player only! So, here we go…

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio or Audio Lag of a Video

  • Open the video which have synchronize problem.
  • Pause the video and open the tools bar and open “Effects and Filters”. (Ctrl + E)
  • Then click on synchronization tab and adjust the audio track synchronization time. It will speed us the video without disturbing the audio, so if your sound plays before the video then increase it, if the sound after the video then decrease it to negative value, the time is counter in milliseconds so, 1.000 indicates 1 second. adjust it according to your audio lag and close the windows!
Hola! Now play the video, it looks perfect! using this same trick you can adjust your subtitles also, adjusting this synchronization will only forward or slower your video, so other things,i.e, audio or subtitles remain unchanged. If you like this tutorial, then share it with your friends. If you face any problem the drop comments below, I will be happy to help you and also subscribe our newsletter to get more such tutorials directly to your inbox!☺

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