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How to Easily Complete Any Fileice Survey [Best Bypass Trick]

If you are a internet lover and a regular computer user, then you will have surely come across fileice, when you try to download softwares, bots, books, etc. Usually used in youtube videos, this file hosting is network is more popular because it pays more than 5$ if a person download something you uploaded in that network by completing a survey.

In this method, I will show you how to complete fileice survey by a grey hat trick, but to the owner it pretends as a legal request. We are going to change the location to America and going to fill up the form with Fake information. Don’t worry, we are not doing anything wrong, let’s get started!

How to Easily Complete Any Fileice Survey

  • First of open your web browser ( Chrome or Mozilla only! )
  • If you are a chrome user, then download Hola Better Internet
    If you are a Firefox user , then download anonymoX
  • Then change your location to US, look below screenshots to understand better!
    In chrome, there will be a small burning head, click on it and select United States.
    In Mozilla, a X like symbol will be there, click on it and select US and Stealth.
  • Now, your location is changed to USA! 
  • Now goto Fakemailgenerator and copy the mail.
  • Go to your required Fileice file and enter the this email address.
  • Now, the file will be UNLOCKED automatically!


  • If still the survey appears, the head on to Fakenamegenerator and generate a fake profile and complete the survey with this information and use the email generated from Fakemailgenerator.
  • Remove Internet Download Manager before you carry out this method.
  • Clear your cache and cookie before you start.
I hope you got your file for free from fileice, 95% the the survey will unlocked when you use an email id and location to united states. I hope you like this tutorial, share it with your friends and subscribe our newsletter!☺

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