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How to Easily Change Drive Letter in Windows Operating System

Windows is a famous operating system. Almost 70% of computer users use windows operating system which is basic and user-friendly operating system. It is very easy to use and very easy to learn. So, now if you are buying a new computer and booting windows OS in it, then when you divide the hard-disk into different parts then each dive is named with a letter.

For instance let us call it as Drive letter, it may be 200GB, 500GB or 1TB partition, letters are randomly given, usually the main partition where the operating system is installed is given drive letter C, and the following drives are given the following letters, i.e, D,E,F.

Now it this tutorials I will teach you how to change this drive letter, you can also change your operating system mounted drive letter, there are many third party software available for this method but I will teach you how to do it using device manager of your computer.

How to Change Drive Letter in Windows OS

  • Right click on My Computer and click on Manage.
  • You will need to provide administrator permission to open Computer Management window.
  • Now select Disk Management from Left Menu.
  • Now you will find all your partition drives, choose which drive you want to change letter and right click on it.
  • Now select “Change Drive Letter and Paths…” a new window will open, then select the drive and click on change. Again a new window will open, select “Assign the following Drive Letter” and choose your desired letter and OK, again click on OK in previous window!
Now you can see the drive letter is changed, you can change any of your drive’s drive letter any time and any number times, I hope you liked this tutorial, share and subscribe to techspotz newsletter to get more such tutorials direct to your inbox.

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