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How to Build a QR Code For Your Site in One Minute!

QR codes are becoming so popular these days because it has number of benefits and it can be placed on a image without occupying a separate space for the link, now technologies have grown so high that a QR code can be created instantly that has only 4 boxes on 4 corners and some 5-8 dots in middle.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a QR code for anything you want, like for your blog, your facebook page, profile, twitter account, app download, etc. If you wonder how a QR code works, wait for a day or more I will be writing an article on “How a QR code works”.
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QR is awesome because you don’t have to struggle typing the link in your gadget, most of us make mistakes, but QR code can be scanned with your smartphone camera easily. And they are ready to link you to the concern website. So, here we go…

How to Create Your Own QR Code

  • Follow the link –
  • Click on “Create your Visual QR Code”
  • You’ll be taken to a page to choose for type of QR code, have a look at all types and choose the best related one! I am choosing website here!
  • After that enter your website link or app download link or the details of your QR code and hit next.
  • Now select an image for your QR code background. Make it an attractive one, preferably your logo.
  • You will get some customization options like intensity of QR code, colour, shape, type extra. Reduce the GEN 2 to reduce the intensity of dots of your QR code.
  • Now select all other options as you wish and click on Generate QR code!
  • After that you will receive a mail containing your QR code!

Mailing Proof:

Below is the QR code of Techspotz, scan it and check it out!
See the Code is working fine, when I tried to scan it with my smartphone☺
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