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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Any Program/Software to Open

Hey guys! Today I’m back with one more interesting trick, i.e,  how to create keyboard shortcuts for any program or software. This trick will be useful to web developers, bloggers, etc. Using this trick you can open any software you want in just holding 3 unique buttons anywhere in your computer and use the same button to close the program.

This is a simple trick located in properties, I think many of them know this trick, and you can create shortcuts only of the form Ctrl + Alt + [Any Key]. You can even create shortcut for shutdown, sleep, etc. Follow the following steps carefully…

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Any Software to Open

  • First of all create a shortcut of that software or program to desktop.
  • Now right click on the shortcut created on desktop and click on properties.
  • Now goto properties tab and you will find shortcut key box.
  • Click on it Ctrl + Alt will appear automatically.
  • Now you can add anything you want after Ctrl + Alt, you can add a single key or two or more.
  • After setting your desired key click on Apply and then on OK.

That’s it. Now wherever you are in computer, what ever program you are running, when you hold these combination of buttons. The program will open. Note! You can’t use Enter, Esc, Tab, Space, PrntScr, Shift, Del and Backspace keys to set up shortcuts. If you like this article, share your opinions in comment section below and also share this article & subscribe our newsletter.

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