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How to Create a Handy Calculator in Any Computer Using Notepad

Calculators are most essential tools of our life, almost every computer contains a calculator inbuilt with it’s operating system, but in any case if you want to create a small calculator with basic operations here is a small tutorial which demonstrates it.

We are going to create a small program via notepad which contains basic arithmetic operations which are already predefined in your operating system, you can execute this file in basic windows run menu, and you can also add more options if you are using a high tech computer.

How to Create a Handy Calculator using Notepad

  • Open notepad, and copy paste the following code in it.

color c
title Calculator – Techspotz

ECHO ——————————-
ECHO * ~ Multiply
ECHO + ~ Add
ECHO – ~ Subtract
ECHO / ~ Divide
ECHO ——————————-
echo ——————————-
SET /p UDefine=
SET /a UDefine=%UDefine%
ECHO %UDefine%
goto loop 

  • After that save the file as calculator.bat , which instructs your computer that you have created a batch file, now open it.


  • color c – change the alphabet c with the following alphabet to change the text colour.
  1. 0 = Black
  2. 1 = Blue
  3. 2 = Green
  4. 3 = Aqua
  5. 4 = Red
  6. 5 = Purple
  7. 6 = Yellow
  8. 7 = White
  9. 8 = Gray
  10. 9 = Blue
  11. A = Green
  12. B = Aqua
  13. C = Red
  14. D = Purple
  15. E = Yellow
  16. F = White
  • title Calculator – Techspotz – Replace Calculator – Techspotz with your desired name to rename your calculator.

How to use this Calculator

  1. First the message will be displayed as Press any key to continue, then press any key again it will appear following by the instructions, press any key again.
  2. Now directly type your operation, like it you want to add 5 and 6 then type 5+6, if you want to divide 9 and 3 then 9/3.
Hope you like this tutorials, we are planning to write more tutorials on basic computer tricks, further we will provide you latest and secret tricks in windows operating system, so stay tuned with techspotz to know more. If you like this article then share it with your friends and also subscribe our newsletter to get tutorials directly to your inbox!

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