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How to Create a Font of Your Own Handwriting And Use it [Exclusive trick]

Hi there! Today it’s very interesting trick, that is how to create a font of your own handwriting, sounds great right, I have tried this trick and working perfect for me☺It will be cool when we type something in computer and the texts appear in our own handwriting.

In this tutorial we are going to write a to z in a piece of paper, and then scan it perfectly with a high quality scanner then upload it and then we will create our own font. It is very easy and 5 minutes process, so let’s get started…

How to Create a Font of Your Own Handwriting

  • Now print this image and write down all the alphabets and number ( special characters if you wish☺) NOTE: use a black gel pen or marker to write for clarity!
  • Now scan this page 300dpi, and crop it into 4000 X 4000 pixel. Make sure that all the characters are visible clearly.
  • Now go to and upload your scanned image. NOTE: accepted image formats are jpg, png, pdf, jpeg, tiff and image should not exceed 6mb.
  • Then give your font a name and select TTF(default) format and click on Start!
Congo! Your font is ready! Let’s see hot to install it in your PC.

How to install my font in Windows

  • Goto Control Panel » Appearance and Personalisation » under fonts tab, click on change font settings.
  • Now check the box – 
  • Now copy the font file, come to control panel and click on preview, delete and show or hide fonts under fonts tab.
  • Now you can see all the fonts installed in your computer, just right click and paste it other there!
WoW! Now you can use this font anywhere in your computer! If you like this tutorial, then share it with your friends and also subscribe to our newsletter to receive more such tutorials directly to your inbox, drop a comment about it, I will be happy to see your response☺

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