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How to Check who Viewed Your Facebook Profile Without Any App!

If you are an old facebook user then you might have come across many apps which say that they will track your real profile visitors, out of which 90% are fake, and the other 10% use some metrics like messages, likes to build up a list. Using the below mentioned trick you can find anybody’s profile visitor, you can also view who visited your girlfriend’s profile! So, check the trick now!

In this post, I will show how to get real profile visitors, this is a clean and legal way to see who visited your profile recently, this method has a record of last 5 months visitors. We will get the profile ids of those who visited us, and I also show you how to easily convert them into clickable links to their profile. Facebook will itself store the data of who visited your profile and when, we are just gonna export it, nothing more!

How to Check who Viewed Your Facebook Profile!

  • Goto to your Facebook profile.
  • Hold Ctrl + U Now the page source will open.
  • Now press Ctrl + F, Find Box will open!
  • Now search for {“list”:
  • You will be taken to a part of the page source where you will find hundred of Facebook Profile ids, Before the {“list”: is recently messaged ids and after it are recently profile visited ids.
  • Now copy all the ids and paste it in MS word. and open Find box (Ctrl + F) and enter -2″, you will see all the found result will be highlighted, if your using MS office 10 then click on the small arrow pointing down and click on replace. For older version you will have replace option in find window itself.
  • The Replace box will open, in that at the place, replace with enter too many space. just to occupy space. press space continuously, until 20 to 30 space so that it will make the next it to go to next line or enter a slash (/) followed by space, anyhow you like.
  • Now each id will be in separate line, now again search -3″, and repeat the same step, some list may -1″, and -0″, also, so check for all and replace all of them. Now, every id will be having a apostrophe followed by the id.
  • Now seach for apostorphe/quation and replace it with https://www.facebook.com/ so that you will get pure links of each ids.
  • Now you will get proper links of each profile, now keep the cursor at any place in the line and press End button so the it will take you to the last character, or manually keep your cursor at the end and press space one time, the text will automatically change into link, now just hold Ctrl and link on the links one by one! or just copy the whole text and post it anywhere in Facebook so that they will be changed to links.
That’s all now you have found the right persons who viewed your profile. This is the legal way and it will show the correct links of profile who viewed your profile, and is free! If you like this article share it with your friends and also subscribe our newsletter to get all tutorials directly to your inbox.

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