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How to Change your IP Address Easily in 2 Minutes!

Internet Protocol address, shortly known as IP address is an unique address provided by your network service provider, which is difficult to change because it is an unique identification number provided for your tracking and service plan info settings and a lot more information is stored from it. In this tutorial I will show you the simplest method to change your IP address.

This method works only for dial connection and some WLAN and broadband connections. Note, never play with it too much, as it may lead to disconnection of your internet connection. Your IP address will be changed only if your network is an open network and your network service provider provide you administrative controls, so try it if it changes then use it!


Don’t try if you are using a Broadband connections and if IP, Gateway and DNS are manually provided by your network service provider. Because they are only serving internet for you, so if you change it, your connection will be terminated.

How to Change your IP Address

Before you proceed, please follow each and every instruction I say because all are important, if you carelessly leave any step, then it may lead to a big problem.
  • First of all open command prompt, Press (windows key + R) and type cmd and hit enter!
  • Now type ipconfig /release and hit enter. Now your IP address will be openly available for your computer users. And then close command prompt
  • Now, Open My computer Locate Networks and right click on it and click on properties.
  • Now network and sharing center will open click on change adapter setting on the left menu or simply open RUN  again and enter ncpa.cpl and hit enter, now your local area networks will open.
  • Now locate your Network and right click on it and click on properties, let the property windows open now scroll down in This connection uses the following items menu and select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6), according to your plan and click on properties below it. If you are using version 6 then you have to release your IP configuration in cmd by typing ipconfig /release6
Note! If values are present in the boxes, then don’t change it, if you still want to try it out with your own risk, then note down the values somewhere and then enter it, it the changes did not apply!

  • Now the property settings box will open, choose Use the following IP address and enter a IP address, the first 2 space, with three digit number should be filled with instruction of your network service provider because then have a common value for their network and then the next space can filled according to your connection, and the last one of your choice! Then the preferred DNS and Alternate DNS can be obtained from DNS benchmark software, look about it here, or contact your network service provider.
  • Then finally save all the settings, and again go to Internet Protocol version 4/6 setting and then choose Obtain IP address automatically, and save it again!
  • Now again head on to command prompt and type ipconfig /lock 
Congo! Now if you’re luck enough your IP address will change, which means if you network is completely open with administrative controls then your IP will changes. If you like this trick and want more such tricks then subscribe our newsletter, do share this article!

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