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How Old Are Your Ears? Hearing Test!

After 100+ tech and tutorials post, coming up with an interesting article, yea! the title itself dragged you here right? I found this youtube video 2 days back, and I wanted to share with you. This youtube video lets you know the age of your ear, not your birth age☺

In our daily life we hear a lot of sounds of different frequency. But in this video you will hear sounds of very high frequencies, an average human can hear sounds ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Maybe an industry worker could have heard sounds more than 20 kilohertz, did you know what will you hear beyond 20,000 hertz? nothing or something else? I just heard a beep sound!
This is the youtube video which enables you to find the age of your ears. But in this video, 19k hz sounds lost it’s quality due to youtube video compression. Strat it now!
Shocked with results? Post below your experience in comment section. I could hear all the sounds, but at 19khz just heard some tick tick sound. If you like this article share and subscribe our newsletter for more interesting articles. 

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