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Check Username Availability in 150+ Websites in Less Than 10 Seconds

Hi guys! Today it’s one more about usernames, this username play a very important role in social medias as well as other sites which works as a community or forum. Setting up a perfect username is very important, it will help you in 100s of ways, the main thing is it will help your old friends to find you easily.

For bloggers, business magnets, companies, institutions, schools and colleges username is very important in social networks. In websites the exact username of the company will help them other sites appearing in search engine page result, apart from their main site.

So, today I will show you how to check whether a particular keyword(username) is available in 157 websites and also what are the possible domains available for registration in that keyword. If you have created a new brand or a blog or established a company then this is a handy tool which will let you know weather username of your company’s name is available in other sites or not!

Well the tool is, this is a awesome website which let’s you know whether your desired username is available in various social networks and community or not. I always use this tool to check the availability of username when I start a new blog or help my friends!

It’s very simple to use this site, just follow the link, enter the username you want check in the box provided and click on chk, within 5 to 10 seconds the site will will check the availability by pinging the link, if it’s a positive response, then the site will show you it’s available and if the webpage was not available then it will give you a message taken! Apart from this it also check for the available domains of that keyword! below is a screenshot of my site’s name search…

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