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All You Need to Know About Blogging | How to Start a Perfect Blog [Full Guide]

Hi friends! After a long journey this is my 100th post in TechSpotz. So, to make a special post, I am now going to explain you how to create a blog, how to give it a professional look, how to effectively post articles and rank better in search engine! You can download a pdf book of this article below…

What you’ll learn in this post…
  • What is a blog?
  • Difference between a blog and a website
  • Why Blogging is Awesome?
  • Google vs. Bloggers! – Know the Fact!
  • Blog Niche
  • How to Create a Blog
  • How to start your blog with blogspot domain!
  • Know more about your blogger dashboard
  • How to write your first article.
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • How to monetize your Blog?

What is a Blog ?

According to google blog means “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”. One who owns a blog or a website can be called as Blogger, anything or any work you are doing related to your blog can be called as blogging. 

Difference between a blog and a website

A blog is owned by a single person or a group of people who blog on tutorials, breaking news or most recent inventions or anything which is based on knowledge/information who are up to date. Blogs provide commenting system, blogs are frequently crawled by Search Engines and covers a wide variety of articles, Example –, Where as a website can be of anything like social networks, video/live streaming sites, etc, Example –

Why Blogging is Awesome?

I bet you that in today’s generation no one will hate blogging, in this 20th century internet almost became everything. This fast growing world cannot survive without internet for a day also. Internet has become a workshop or a company which gave work to thousands of people, and we bloggers make this internet active or we are the stars who give life to internet.Blogging is something which makes this online world awesome. Through blogging you can do anything everything you want, you can recommend a product to grow it’s sales or you can project the disadvantages of it and drop it.

Google vs. Bloggers!

You might have heard Google is very important for every blogger and it’s very bloggers dream to rank in google, but you guys forgot that fact that we bloggers only make Google, if we don’t give access to google to index our blog in their search engine, then google cannot survive! Even though they have extra services like youtube, but the major part of google that is Google Adsense, Google Adwords and Blogger are indirectly owned by us. Without us it’s nothing.

Blog Niche

Blog Niche is very important for bloggers, choosing a niche for your blog is one of the major task before you start a blog, you can start a multi niche blog, but start a blog on a topic and writing irrelevant articles in it will decrease the quality of your blog. So, choose a niche where you are a expert, many of us choose a main niche but write tutorials on blogging because we learn new things in blogging and we tend to express it to our readers, this is the reason why are there number of blogging related blogs.

How to Create a Blog

There are hundreds of platform to create blogs. Popular ones are WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, etc. 2 major, popular and trusted platforms are wordpress and blogger, and blogger are free blogging platforms which is open to everyone, where as is a self hosted blogging platform, where you have to host your website, but it provides us a lot of features, thousands of plugins, through which you can customize your website to any extent! I always recommend you to start with blogger, if you are a complete newbie to blogging, and then move to wordpress, when you have enough knowledge and you can afford hosting charges for your blog with blogging income.

Here, I will show you how to start a blog in, and are almost same, but provides you more features and it is too flexible to customize your site in blogger. And it is 100% free, with blogspot domain, however you can buy a domain from godaddy for just Rs.70 using the coupon KIWI, and integrate into blogger. Now, let’s see how to start a blog in

Start your blog! with blogspot domain!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on New Blog located at left side.

  3. Now, a new window will open, asking your blog title and blog URL, enter it as you wish are click on Create Blog!
Congratulations! Your Blog is Created Now!

Know about your Blogger Dashboard

Now click on your blog name to get in.

And that’s you blog dashboard, Learn more about dashboard below!

  1. Overview: This button contains all your blog stats, including blog posts, and comments. Any latest news from blogger buzz will be displayed below. And updates like comments awaiting moderation,Published comments, Pageviews today, Posts, Followers will be shown in right side, and menu will be located on left side.
  2. Posts: This menu will contain all your post in different columns like scheduled, draft. You can assign labels to your post, preview draft posts, manage scheduled posts here. And separate stats for each posts is shown corresponding to each posts here.
  3. Pages: This section contains different pages of your blog, you can create any number of pages, like contact page, about page, privacy policy, disclaimer, sitemap, etc. Pages are very similar to posts, but they are of separate use.
  4. Comments: This section contains all your blog comments, you replies, comments awaiting moderation, etc.You can delete and approve any comments any time, but you should be admin of that blog in order to attain full access to this section.
  5. Google+: This is a separate section for sharing your blog posts on google plus, you can control auto share, ask for share, and also manage comments from google plus to appear on your blog is you are using google commenting system.
  6. Stats: Here you can see all your blog stats, by country, by browsers, etc. Only the overview of stats is shown in overview menu, a detailed analytics of your blog visitors is displayed here, you can also check the major keywords through which your blog is getting traffic here!
  7. Earnings: This sections provide you access to adsense approval form, if you are blogger from India and China, then you need to own a blog of atleast 6 months old in order to apply for adsense.
  8. Campaigns: Here you can create ads about your blog your ads will be displayed in adsense ad enabled blog of same niche through which you can get 1000s of visitors, but it is costly!
  9. Layout: Here you can edit your site’s layout, you can add new block and customize them with html codes, or related post, etc. You can also align your blog post layout here and also setup your favicon for your blog here.
  10. Template: Here you can view and edit your blog theme for both desktop and mobile, you can edit the HTML coding of your site’s template here easily. 
  11. Settings: All main settings of your blog is located here in different sections as follows…
  • Basic: Here you can change your blog title, blog description, Privacy, Blog address, authors and readers.
  • Posts and Comments: Here you can set values for number of posts to display in each page of your blog, you can add a separate template for your post, and edit & manage comments
  • Mobile and Email: Here you can add mobile numbers, email ids to send the copy of posts as soon as you publish for free.
  • Language and formatting: Here you can choose blog language, time zone, translation, etc.
  • Search preferences: Here you can add meta search description, and edit your search preferences, but never edit it without proper instruction and knowledge.
  • Others: Here you can import, export or delete your blog. Restrict adult content blogs to children, add google analytics account.
   12. New Post: this is a handy button, just click on it type your content and click on publish and            your post will be posted.
   13. The pencil type button is also a button to create new post, sheet type button is to view our          post, and view blog button is to view your blog.
   14. This is graph type statistics of your blog page views and below the top three traffic sources          will be mentioned. 
   15.This is an overview of your blog stats, comments and followers.

Set up a perfect Theme for your Blog!

Your Blog template is very important for your blog, that is the first appearance to your blog reader, so choosing it is very important. There are lakhs of themes available for blogger platform for free, you job is just to choose the best one out of it!

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How to write a First Article in your Blog!

Click on New Post, the orange button located at top right corner or the pencil like icon at top, your blogger writing pad will open, now look at the below screenshot and the following points to write your first article now!

  1. It’s your post title which is very important, because this is very first impression your readers see, when you share your articles in social media. So, keep it a catchy one!
  2. These are edits for your content, like font size, style, heading, bold, italic, underline, strike, colour, highlight, link, pic, video, etc.
  3. This is content and html switching area, if you want to add html tags in your post, then go there add it. Handling it without knowledge may lead to an error.
  4. This a small menu to publish your article, check preview of it, save it as draft and publish it later, or close the writing pad.
  5. This is main customization part, here you can add label/tags for your blog, schedule it for publishing, customize permalinks, add location of posting, meta search description, allow commenting on that post, etc.
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Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization [SEO], this is the very main optimization of your blog, here you will learn how to curve and give a perfect shape for your blog to get a professional look and optimize it for search engine! So, that you can get thousands of traffic for free, organic traffic and make tons of money with that traffic.
The process of optimizing your site to rank first in search engines is know as Search Engine Optimization. Here you should know about some terms, learn them now…

Keyword: Keyword is a single word or a phrase which is based on your article title and the users search in search engines, how higher you optimize to match your keyword with search terms, there lies your ranking ability!

Keyword Density: It is the percentage of how many times you have used keyword in your article. It can be calculated, by dividing number of times you have used the keyword in article by number of words in article and multiplying it by 100, it is recommended to be below 5%.

Backlinks: Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page through which the ranking factor of a blog could be raised to a great extent.

  • Do-Follow Backlink: Will pass on the SEO benefits of the website.
  • No-Follow Backlink: Does not give you any SEO benefits if the link’s relation is no follow.

On-page SEO: Whatever optimization you do on your blog like content optimization, template customization, plugins, are known as onpage seo factors.

Off-page SEO: Whatever you do outside your blog like making backlink, syndication of your blog posts, sharing your blog posts on social media, etc are know as off page seo.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site

Domain Authority: A score of your blog consedering 40 factors, calculated by

Page Authority: Score of a particular page of your blog.

Pagerank: Google’s score for your blog out of 10.

Moz Rank: Moz’s calculated metrics of your blog.

Alexa Rank: Alexa ranking is based upon number of factors.

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Monetization of your Blog!

Everyone of us know, Google Adsense is the best place to monetize your blog, when google adsense was established google invited bloggers to use adsense, then they made it strict and approved only blog which was with adsense policies. But nowadays it is a bit easy to get adsense approval by following some tactics! First when you start your blog, you won’t get adsense approved, so first go for infolinks use it for some weeks, after your blog is at least 2 months old, has 30 posts, then apply for adsense you will surely get it approved! Nowadays people are getting adsense approved for 2 weeks old blogs also, for those works you need to do some experiments and should have good blogging knowledge and experience!

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Final Verdict!

Blogging is something which I love doing, through blogging you can get millions of benefits, through blogging you can become a great writer, you can become a better thinker. You’ll live a more intentional life if you are a blogger, in blogging you will meet many new people all around the world daily. You will make thousands of dollars while sleeping! If I start listing out benefits of blogging, then this post may cross 3000 words, to make it short and simple, I conclude here by saying blog, blog and blog forever!!!

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