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5 Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Your Virus Infected PC

Viruses eat up the software of your computer like termites finish wood. Once you feel something fishy going on with your computer, like something happening on its own leading to system malfunction, then it is best to raise an alarm as quickly as possible.

Methods Used to Get Rid of the Virus 

  1. You ought to Backup all the files that you think are important or would be of immense use in future. You can take the files on external media or a disk, if it is possible. At this point of time, you ought not to use System Restore on a particular date that you call the ‘Restore Point’ on your system, as System Restore creates a copy of the files present on the system at a particular date & time, thus regenerating virus files if present at that time, as well.
  2. The second thing you can do to safeguard against viruses that have begun corrupting your system is, to turn off the System Restore, and delete all the Restore Points in the process. This deletes all the dates on the system when some additional software was installed on it or some changes that were made to your system that might have got reflected in your System Registry. This way, you can be sure that all the corrupt files get removed from your system, once System Restore is turned off safely.
  3. Do what can be adopted as the best measure to bring the system back to normalcy! Downloading antivirus and Antispyware software that don’t cost you anything is not a bad idea at all. Once installed safely on your system, the Antivirus can check the system for infected files and play its pivotal role to reinstate good health of the system.
  4. You ought to run System Scan to scan literally all the files post installation of your Antivirus and Antispyware software. This way the files that are corrupt would begin to show, you might note down their names before performing any action on them. Restarting your Computer in the Safe mode would help; you can use F5 or F8 keys depending on whichever Operating System you are using.
  5. If your System is still infected, you can join millions of computer buffs globally and use Bitdefender’s award-winning Anti-virus software to keep your PC, data and identities on the Safest side, and protect them from virus attack. Bitdefender QuickScan can scan your system in a fleeting minute and detect the active malware if present on your system. You can choose to get a free virus scan for your Computer on a regular basis, and as the action would be taken by remotely located Bitdefender servers, every action would be executed very high speed.
Get your system ‘Virus-free’ by calling an Expert for issue resolution or do it yourself using an Anti-virus software utility. This ought not to be a ‘sitting there and doing nothing’ situation at all! Are you aware that once the major portion of the System Software gets destroyed, there would be no use cribbing over the issue! So, eradicate the virus infection before it tends to replicate its erroneous code, any further. If you like this article then share it with your friends and subscribe us!

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