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10 Reasons why Android Mobiles are Much Better than Apple iOS Mobiles

Still in a dilemma whether to choose an android phone or a IPhone, read this article right now and clear all your confusions and everything here right now, I don’t hate IPhones but after comparing Features, Specifications, Reviews and all other things, android OS based mobile phones are better in all category and have everything extra than iPhone except Price!

#1 Price For Everything

Whatever you do in an apple mobile, everything ends up in a bill, only some of the features are free, even if you want to download songs and pics, you have to pay to iTunes and iphotos. Moreover softwares, apps and updates cost more. But in case of android you can get each and every thing mentioned above absolutely free, of course there are paid apps, but anyhow you can get those apps for free in some site, cracked version or another similar app of same use because there are millions of apps available in playstore.

#2 Memory!

If you are a android user, then you can change your memory capacity just by adding a memory card to your device, it can be 8GB or 16GB or 64GB or 128GB, who knows 256GB may come in future! I think now also one mobile is available with 2 memory card slots with 128GB Capacity which could make it 256GB, Amazing Right! But if you go for Apple, then you will have only the memory space what you had when you bought the phone.

#3 iTunes & iPhotos

You can download songs from anywhere in the web and send in to your android mobile and play it in your android without any problem.☺ But if you own an apple mobile then you should download songs only from iTunes and if you want to transfer photos from your computer to your apple mobile then you have to do it via iPhotos.

#4 Accounts

If you are an android user then you can use any number of accounts in the same device, you can also use one account for play store, one for inbox, one for facebook, one for blogger or one for youtube also! But if you go for iOS then you can keep only one account connected with your device. If any of the service is blocked in one account then you can’t do anything, you have to create a new one to avail it.

#5 Battery

If you’re an android user then you could change your battery yourself any time you want, but if you are a iPhone user then you can’t change your battery as you like, and if you encounter any problem with an apple mobile’s battery, you just can’t do anything other than taking it ti workshop!

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#6 Customization

You can customize your android phone in whatever way you want, like you can change theme for free, MIUI version, update current operating system and all other system settings easily, and you can change almost everything by rooting your android phone. But in case of apple phone you have to head up to a service center or show room.

#7 Connectivity towards other Platforms

If you use an android phone it is very easy to access or to get connected with other platform phones easily. Like if you have Samsung Galaxy S5 then you can easily connect it with HTC M8 or LG G5 Easily, and you can get full access also. But if you’re an apple user, then it difficult to connect it with other platform, which is very disgusting.

#8 Availability of Variety!

There are wide range of options to choose in android phones but there are only 10 phones in apple platform to choose, and which is the upgraded version of the old one. Just like the app management compared in both platforms. Till date there about ten thousand different variety of android OS based phones available in market.

#9 Multitasking, Multi-window

Android phones have feature of multitasking, like you can browse internet and play a game at same time, rather in new android smartphones there are features by which you can divide the scrren into 2 and work on 2 different application on same time, as we do in windows 8. But this is not possible in Iphones

#10 Features!

Last but not the least, No explanation is required here, as an apple user itself know the features provided by an android mobile and Iphones, there are thousands of attractive and best features provided by android platform which can’t even be indirectly accessed in IPhones.

Final words…

Apple is only having a brand and a strong network with it’s users, they are mainly concentrating in keeping the network unite and make all it’s users to use their features with some limitations so that they maintain their name. But Android is working for their users and bringing more new features and awesome user experience with their next to next updates and also they are updating the operating system versions more frequently. Share this article and subscribe our newsletter☺

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