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Top 5 Websites to Cartoonize Yourself – Create your Own Cartoon Character

Everyone loves to create a cartoon character of yourself☺because whoever it may be, everyone loves cartoon! It is cool to own an illustration of your self in a very funky method that might be with pride shown to the globe. You can use them as your wallpapers, caller pics, etc. Set it as your profile pic and enjoy the likes rain! Yes, it’s real cool to have an cartoon pic of yourself.

No softwares, artists or designing experts are required, just a link can make your real pic to an wonderful cartoon pic. Most of the sites mentioned here will allow you to create free avatar of very cool customization and high definition quality. In this post I am discussing about the top 5 websites which can convert your pic into an amazing cartoon pic, which you will love so much 🙂 with these 5 best site, you can design your own cartoon character, that is you! in just 5 mins of your day! So, let’s get started…

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It’s no doubt that TheCartoonist.Me ranks first among all the site, it’s all because of it’s feature and they provide everything for free! One more interesting feature which they provide is a premium paid one, by which you can get yourself a cartoon drawn by their artist, and will be delivered to you☺within 24 hours, for only $20. Anyway if you’re not interested in spending money, you can always go for it’s free version which is amazing too! you can get any of your pic cartoonized in just 10 seconds with Instagram effects, add frames, creative effects and plenty more!!


The next in queue is the yet another intresting site, all you have to do , is just follow the link choose your gender and start creating your own cartoon charecter with million of available customization options. Almost every hairstyle, look, eyes, face cuts are exactly available in this site, so create your own cartoon character and woo! 


It’s the leading site to create free avatar for all your online pictures and professional use. It’s a japanese website, as you can see in the above pic there are cartoonized pics of Mr.Bean and Honest man 2, which was created using Faceyourmanga, Manga means comic in japanese. I personally use this site, because it has some extra cool features, I recommend you to try it out!

Pick A Face

As the name suggests pick your own face from the site with a very flexible customization! One of the best and cool feature which this site owns and other site don’t have is it allows you to choose any face from millions of faces which are already created by other members, so choose one from it which resemble you the most and edit a little to generate your own character! Follow Pickaface….

South Park Studio

South Park! The famous cartoon, if you love the cartoon then don’t wait for a second here, head on to the cool service that permits you to build a south park character of your own with plenty of customization. Follow Southpark avatar and create your own south park studio character!


Create a cartoon character of yourself and set it as your profile picture and chill out! There are thousands of website which offer you such service and the best and cool featured site are mentioned above after try some of them. Hope you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to subscribe techspotz via mail to get such awesome tricks directly to your inbox!

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