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Top 5 Best Ad Networks for Low Traffic Blogs

What’s the use of having a blog if you can’t monetize it. Displaying ads is one of the ways of monetizing your content. But Ad servers are not accepting all blogs. For example adsense accepts only blogs with high quality content and a lot more factors. There are alternatives to adsense which provide ad serving for small bloggers. Though they pay less than adsense, they don’t require high traffic.
Many Ad networks only work for their profit so they look for traffic most, which is gold for them but they forget that targeted traffic and every click matters a lot, so here I am providing a list of ad networks which does not see traffic and other things, they may look at your domain authority, page authority and alexa ranking!
So, what are you looking for these are golden opportunities to monetize your blog! In this post, I have listed the top 5 networks which have no traffic requirement. Have a look at the following list an monetize your blog now!

#5 Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser provides PPC (Pay Per Click) ads.They pay through PayPal and Check. Payments are paid on monthly basis. Since they ads ads have adult content, I advise not to place them in your blog if you want your blog to look more professional.Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal.

#4 Kontera

Kontera is a popular monetization program which provides text link ads.They also provide video and graphic ads. They also pay on PPC basis. It is easy to integrate with your blog and don’t take up any ad space. Getting approved is also very easy. But their minimum payout is $100 which is big con for them.

#3 Chitika

It is a ad network where data drives performance as they say! Chitika provides CPC AND CPM ads and approval is easy. There are 3 levels of publishers depending on the number of impressions publishers’ site makes. Their minimum payout is $10 through paypal. And many popular blogs use this network for variety of reasons.

#2 Kontextua

Kontextua has a wide range of ad formats to choose from. High CPC and CPM rates increase their reliability. Their biggest plus is they have no minimum payouts. All ads are in text and in image, so don’t worry if you don’t have area for ads in your blog, here is the solution☺It is a Spanish network, which is built with spanish language, so translate the page with help of google translator!

#1 Infolinks

In my view, Infolinks is the best ad program for low traffic blogs. The approval process is very quick. They provide in-text ads like kontera. Easy to integrate, the ecpm is also high compared to other sites mentioned above. The minimum payout is $50 via paypal or wire transfer! You don’t require a separate area for ads to publish, your article is monetized within your text!
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Final words!

I hope you have enjoyed this article, monetize your blog and start making money as your blogging career goes on. I have covered all the ad networks which some people does not know, and which have high conversion rates. So, share this article with your friends, any doubts or reviews, just post it below in the comment box! Stay tuned with Techspotz to learn Blogging more…

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