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Surefire Tricks That will Increase Your Internet Speed Like a Rocket

Hey! Are you using a tortoise speed internet? Upgrade it to Rabbit speed internet within 5 mins! Here in this post I will show you how to do it! These are simple alteration in your default settings, which makes your internet slow! So, I have found out some of these settings and fixed, Now I will teach you how did I do.

These are basic settings which are located deep inside windows settings, I will show you step by step process, how to adjust them to get high speed internet, even though your internet is very slow, By some DNS settings, you can suck up your network bandwidth. These settings will help you to extreme extent if you are using Broadband. These settings are tested and working in windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1.

Trick #1 – Reduce Limit Reservable Bandwidth

  1. Goto to RUN (Hold windows key+R)
  2. Type : gpedit.msc and hit enter, or click on OK, now group policy will open.
  3. On left toolbar you will find some files, Navigate to…
  4. Local Computer Policy » Computer Configuration » Administrative Templates » Network » QOS Packet Scheduler.
  5. Double Click on Limit Reverse Bandwidth, New dialog box will open.
  6. By default it will be on Not Configured, Enable it.
  7. By default value will be given as 80%, reduce it to 2-8%, 5% recommended!
  8. Click on apply then OK! Close Everything.
  9. Now Restart your Computer.
Whoo! Now your Reverse Bandwidth percent is reduced, enjoy blazing fast internet!

Trick #2 – Setup the Fastest DNS Server for your Computer

  1. Download DNSBench & install it.
  2. Click on Name Servers tab, DNS on your computer will be listed on the top line.
  3. Click Run Benchmark will run for about 5 minutes.
  4. New window will pop up with a message “Consider Creating a Custom Nameserver List for Yourself” click on Build Custom List and DNSBench will make a list of the fastest DNS for your computer.
  5. List of the Top 50 Fastest DNS for your computer is stored in the file “DNSBench.ini” located in the same folder, where your software is.
  6. Open the file and copy the First DNS suggested by DNSBench
  7. Open Network Settings or simply Open Run and type ncpa.cpl
  8. Locate your Network and Right click on it and goto Properties
  9. You will find “This connection use the following items:” scroll down in it and find “Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6)”
  10. Click on it and click on Properties under it and choose “Use the following DNS server addresses:”
  11. And enter the First DNS you got in DNSBench in Prefered DNS and second one in Alternate DNS.
  12. Click on OK and save it, now disconnect internet and connect it again. You’re done! 

Final words…

Implement the tricks now itself and enjoy super fast internet with your slow speed connection! Hope you enjoyed this article, do share it with your friends using the social share buttons below, and any problem, doubts or suggestions or review just drop a comment below☺

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