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Secret Game in Google Chrome Browser when your Internet is Off!

I’m a big fan of Google Chrome, most of us use google chrome as our browser for number of reasons! Google chrome has awesome features and reliable working, nothing to express more, you all know how good google chrome is…!

Have you ever seen this strange Small T-Rex Dinosaur? Yes, if you’re a regular chrome user, then you will definitely know this cute friend! Have you ever wondered, about it? If not, you’d missed an wonderful game, just kidding! But it’s a good game☺

Chrome developers have built a secret game with that dinosaurus, this game is to entertain the user when internet is not connecting. It is built with a simple coding, simpler than super mario game! Ok, let’s learn how to start it, play, controls, etc.

You will end up with this screen, shown in above screenshot, when your internet is off or any problem, now to start the game simply press Spacebar key! Yea, the game is on now. The dinosaurs will jump and a deserty background will appear…

Now after the game starts, the dinosaurus will start running, now there will be cactus plants in between, you have to jump to cross the cactus plants, use Spacebar key to jump. If you touch he cacti then game is over.

To restart the game press the same key(Spacebar) this whole game is designed only with spacebar key. Your score will be counted in right top corner. Now whenever your internet goes wrong, tap the spacebar key and enjoy your gaming☺

Final words…

Disconnect your internet now and start playing for some time, and comment your score below, if you like this article share it with your friends using the social share buttons below. For more such updates, kindly subscribe our Newsletter☺!!!

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