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New Smartphone Battery that Can charge fully within 30 Seconds! SERIOUSLY!

StoreDot, an Israel-based nano-technological company which had covered up most important tech inventions, recently claimed that they have invented a phone battery that can charge you phone in 30 seconds! with proof! This new Store Dot’s battery can fully charge your smartphone in 30 seconds! Wow that’s great right☺Let’s learn about it more below!!

In this 21st generation, it’s very common issue that smartphone drains battery within a hour! Yes, it happens with almost all smartphones, the charge get finished within a hour if you’re using it’s features up to it’s extent. During Microsoft’s Think Next Conference, the Store Dot company’s device which was as small as a tic tac box! Charged a Samsung S4 smartphone from completely dead battery to a fully powered battery in just 26 seconds,  according to the BBC report.

StoreDot company claimed that it has developed the next Generation Batteries that can be fully charged in seconds, this was officially published in their website. They are also making nanotechnology based data storage and medicinal products. It is of course sure that this will kill all the battery companies and will emerge as an exciting gadget supporting product in upcoming days!

Although they have invented such an awesome technology, they are yet to study completely about the products, it’s pros and cons completely, and it is declared that the product will be available in market within 3 years!

Phones integrated with these StoreDot technology would cost up to $150 or more and will have a capacity to handle around 1000+ recharge cycles for a 3 years! Yup! No will now think about the cost as this was an wonderful invention which everyone of us wanted! So, never bother buying a smartphone integrated with Smart Dot nanotechnology.

It is known that these batteries may be available in market in late 2016s at 30$ cost. Store Dot’s new battery works on the principle of simple chemistry that involves nanodots derived from bio organic material which was found 10 years back! This nanodots are used in both electrodes and electrolytes that exchange energy between the cathodes and anodes,i.e, the opposite terminal of the battery!

StoreDot 30 Seconds Smartphone Charging Demo

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