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Look at a Website in the Past – Exact Look of 425 Million Websites in Past

We are in 20th century! It’s 2015 now, how would you fell if you can rewind your life and look at some sweet moments? But you can’t! But you can do it in case of internet, do you know how google looked like at 1998? How was Facebook in 2004? How was Youtube? You can see all these now!

It’s an awesome website like time machine, where we can go back and check the design, look, version of any website in past. This website had captured the codings and images of all the sites since 1970’s..! And also have ability to crawl the site’s past design and display us!

This method will benefit bloggers a lot, because they can check and learn how a websites like google, youtube and facebook grew, with step by step implementations they made to develop their sites. And you can also submit your site in it, and it will be saved for future! I will teach you how to do that below!

Well the website is Internet Archive, Wayback Machine, it’s a cool site, to check all the details, structures of any website in past, it may have crawled your site too, have a look. Facebook had the domain first, you may know if you have seen the movie “The Social Network”, so do check it, you can find the same homepage shown in movie, in this site.

Steps to Capture and Bookmark your site in Wayback Machine!

  • Goto Wayback Machine
  • Scroll down and look at “Save Page Now”
  • Type your Blog URL and click on Save Page.
  • Now you will be taken to your site, and wayback machine will start crawling your site.
  • After successful processing, your site will be saved with unique link.
  • From now onwards they will crawl your site on regular Intervals.

Google at December 2 1998

Facebook at February 12 2004

Youtube at May 5 2005

Final words…

This trick will be helpful for many bloggers, hope you guys love this article, if you do, then share it with your friends using the buttons below, and subscribe to techspotz newsletter to get more such tutorials directly to your mail!

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