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How to Undo a Sent Email In Gmail : Email Recall in Gmail

Everyone one us use google service in any manner, bloggers use it for blogger or adsense, webmaster or adwords, video lovers use it in youtube, everything results in a google account, which is probably used by us as gmail for email services or google plus as hangout area and to connect with our friends! Email service by google, and google plus.

Gmail isn’t a safe email mailing service, it is easy to hack gmail, but many people use it for features, everyone of us use google services in some or the other manner, well it is not a place to introduce you google services, we will come to our point.

People end up in this situation, when they might have sent a mail to the wrong person or included something useless or confidential or just sent an unwanted mail! Don’t worry friends, I have a solution for you to undo the sent mail, if you’re not late (30 sec)!

Yes, Gmail Labs provide a awesome feature called undo send, gmail lab have a lot of feature which is very cool and never look for it in other email services, gmail has made it so comfortable that, people can ask for a gmail lab service or build new lab features by themselves.☺

When you compose an email and click on send button, after successful processing, gmail will show you an message in small yellow pop up at top “Your message has been sent. View message” after activating the undo gmail lab feature you will shown : Your message has been sent. Undo View message! wow now click on undo and undo your sent message! Remember you have to do it within 30 seconds or else with dialog box will disappear. Lets see how to activate this feature…

How to Undo a Sent Email

  • Log in to your gmail account.
  • Click on setting, located below the menu bar! see this pic shown below.
  • Now click on Labs Tab.
  • Scroll to bottom and the third last one is Undo Send. 
  • Select enable option and save settings.
  • That’s it! you’re done. 
Now whenever you send an email you will get the yellow dialog box with the message, “Your message has been sent. Undo View message”. when you are wrong just click on undo and undo your sent email. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, share it with your friends and subscribe us to get get more tutorials directly to your inbox!

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