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How to get Unlimited Views for your Youtube Video

Hey! I back with an awesome trick of getting 2000 to 3000 views for your youtube video daily with 2 mins of your work and 20 hours of your computer work! You can even get targeted country views and set number of views per hour, unique views and also time of view!! Sounds great right☺Let’s learn more about it…

Using this method you can get instant views to your video and rank well for an trending topic easily! And nothing will happen to your video if use this trick. For your kind info, thousands of people are using this trick. And one more good news is that you can use it to gain more visits to your blog also!

Well, the trick is using autosurf websites to get instant views, there are hundreds of network available, so if you can use 10 of them, then you can get upto 2000 to 5000 views in just 2 or 3 hours. After trying out several networks the best one I have found in Websyndic!

More About Websyndic v3 and how to use it

Features of Websyndic

  • Run on any computer without login to your account [Lite Viewer]
  • Geo Target your visitors.
  • Select the visits duration.
  • Hide the referrer.
  • Receive unique visitor (24h)
  • Visit Duration
  • 10% Referral Commision
  • Block Unwanted site while surfing.
  • Beautiful Statistics!
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly top surfers Bonus!

How to Earn Credits in Websyndic

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on Earn Credits tab on Left menu.
  • If you want to distribute your credits on the go and receive hits, Check the Auto distribute Box.
  • Then click on “Start Viewer”.
  • If you want more credits, send Light viewer link to your friends and ask them to run it!
  • Remember This work takes only 2 mins of your day and will fetch your thousands of views, just keep these 2 tabs separately and continue your work online!

How to add your Site/Link to Websyndic

  • Login to your account.
  • Click on My sites tab on Left menu.
  • Click on Add website under the Site Management tab.
  • Paste your URL in the box and hit enter or click on done
  • Now click on the link and set credits for your tab.
  • Adjust Hide referer, Unique IP, Visit Duration and Geo-localization.
  • Finally Click on Save.
Done! Now you will be receiving clicks from this network. Remember if you use these method to adsense ads enabled video, your adsense account will be banned in 2 or 3 days. Run this autosurf network for 7 to 10 hours to get 1000+ views!

Video Tutorial

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