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How to File Free DMCA Complaint to Google when your Content is Copied

Bloggers search for new, low competitive and fresh contents and do lot of research for that around the web and finally write a fresh and unique content. There are cases that the copied content rank better than orginal, because of so many factors. But when someone copies their content, then they really feel bad. It really hurts them a lot when the content stealer does not remove it or fight for copyrights.

I personally hate these copycats, well in olden days there was an option to file a complaint in DMCA by which you can remove the copied content, if you have proper copyrights document. Now Google has introduced new free DMCA service, through which google will not index the blog which holds your copied content and will be banned from GSE.

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Google is becoming very strict these days. Many bloggers started violating content copyrights and Google launched DMCA to stop all these nonsense. Google DMCA is for all merchandise from Google and that we will complain to any product(, youtube, etc.) of Google concerning violation.

And it’s sad to inform you that complain in google DMCA will not help you in any manner by promotion of copied content in other search engines. Blogger DMCA is free service provided by Google for all bloggers, so everyone can file a complain about duplicate content violation to them!

File a Free DMCA Complaint to Google in 10 easy Steps

  • First of all located your copied content blog, and copy the link!
  • Then, Go to Google DMCA Complaint Form.
  • Enter your Name , Company name, Full legal name of the copyright holder you represent and Contact email address.
  • “Where can we see an authorized example of the work?” in this section leave all the links of your copied content, if possible owners details too!
  • “Identify and describe the copyrighted work” Describe the copied material, it may be an article or a pic or a video, include all your details with your copyright certificates if any. Give as much explanatory details as possible.
  • Add your duplicate content links here, if a blog has multiple copied posts of your blog then you have file separate complaints for each post, because only one link is allowed per complaint.
  • Read the two statements provided by google and click on the boxes to check it.
  • Now write your full name on the signature box to represent your E-signature as on the specified date.
  • Now click on Submit! Now Google staffs will go through your complaint and take necessary actions as soon as possible, it may take 2 day or even a week! If you have provided all your details correctly, then surely the copied content will be banned by google!

Final words…

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, report all your copied contents to google! And get your Ranking back, share this tutorial with friends, and if you face any problem drop a comment below, I will be happy to guide through..

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  • Thanks for this informative tutorial, I find many of my articles have been stolen and reposted on other blogs so I will definitely use your guide on how to take them down using the DMCA.

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