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How to Create any type Forms for your Blog using Google Drive

Hey Bloggers! today we will learn hot to create forms for Blogs using Google Drive. With google drive you can build forms for contact purpose, feedback, affiliate, etc. Instead of creating a contact form from 3rd party site and integrating to your blog and giving them credits, you can build your own form using google drive and rock!

Steps to Create any type Forms for Blogs using Google Drive

  • Log in to your Google account and visit Google Drive . Click the create button and select ‘Form’.
  • Give a name to the form. Here I’m creating a feedback form. So I named the form as ‘FEEDBACK’. If you wish you can give a description for the form.
  • Give a name to the Field in ‘Question title’. I named the field  as ‘Name’. Users will fill their names in this field. If you want to instruct your users what should be filled in the field, give them a help text. I’m giving ‘Your Name’ as help text.
  • Then select question type like text,multiple choice, paragraph text, etc. I select ‘text’ as question type as the name will be entered in the form of text
  • You can check the ‘Required field’ if you want to make the form field mandatory. Then click the ‘Done’ button.
  • You can also add other fields like checkboxes etc.
  • Like this you can add more fields to the form. And customize and and make like a pro one!

Fill the settings for your confirmation page which has the following options

  1. Show link to submit another response
  2. Publish and show a public link to form results
  3. Allow responders to edit responses after submitting.
You can select any of these options and add a confirmation page message if you wish. You can change the theme by selecting ‘Change theme’ option.
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Preview your form by hitting the ‘View live form’ button. And your form is ready!☺
If you want to embed the form in your blog, click the ‘Embed’ button. The HTML code for your form will be shown. Copy and paste the code to the page or post on which the form should appear.
After completion hit ‘Send form’ button. The link to share the form will appear. You can use it to share your form on Blogger.
Go to Google Drive and you can see responses for your form. Open it and you can see all the responses in spreadsheet. When someone fill the form and submit, you will suddenly get a mail to your inbox, about the details. 

Final words…

Create different forms for your blog and keep engaging with your readers. If you like this tutorial, share it with your friends and blog mates, and if you face any problem just drop a comment below, I will be happy to help you!☺

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