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Google Doodles – 100+ Google Made Logos

Google doodles are Google made logos for festive events or birth (or) death anniversaries, which all of you might have came across, well if you browse google from any country based google domain like,, etc. then you will see the major historic events of that particular country! But provides doodle on all events worldwide.

But last 3, 4 years google made doodles for all major event, of any type, which was trending in google, google has made doodle on India’s mars orbiter mission Mangalyaan, and Rosetta (spacecraft) landed on coment. Which had good reach and also helped googlers a lot!

When you click on these doodles, you will be taken to google search of that particular event and you information about that event will be provided in first result, probably wikipedia, and a short note about it on the right site of search page result.

Most of these doodles are of gif format which animate by itself or on hover, which attracts people of every age and 80% of the people tend to click it learn more! Today is Grandmother’s Day in poland which I came to know via Google doodle. Interesting right!

Google doodle helps bloggers, especially event bloggers a lot, to gain more information about upcoming events and it helps common people to improve their general knowledge! So, below is the link to goto Google Doodle, visit and learn more and I have collected the top 10 Google Doodles which you will Love!!


Kindly Click on the Images to Enlarge it!

Final Words!

Everyone must have seen these doodles, in this post you got the link to check all the google doodles, and by which you can amaze your friends. Hope, you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends, and subscribe techspotz’s newsletter to know more…

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