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Download a Copy of All your Google Data including Blogger & Youtube

Do you know that Google allows you to download all your Google account’s data including Google+, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, etc through Google Takeout. The link for this option can be found deep inside your google settings. Don’t worry. I’ll provide the direct link later in this post. You can export all your data to a downloadable .zip (or) .tgz (or) .tbz  file. Google offers to export data from almost all of its services except some of its core services including, Google search history and Google Wallet.

List of services from which data can be exported:

  1. Gmail
  2. Google+ (Google+ Circles, Google+ Stream, +1s, Google+ Pages)
  3. Blogger
  4. Youtube
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Google Drive
  7. Google Bookmarks
  8. Google Contacts
  9. Hangouts
  10. Google Profile
  11. Google Photos (including Picasa Albums)
  12. Google Play Books
  13. Location history
  14. Messenger

    How to Download a Copy of All your Google Data

    • Sign in to your Google account and visit Google Takeout.
    • You will now see list of services from which data can be exported. Check the services from which you want to export your data.
    • Now click the ‘Next’ button. You can change the download format before the archive is generated. You are given 3 file formats to select from – .zip,.tgz, .tbz. The size limit of a single zip file is 2GB. If your data exceeds 2 GB your data will be split into multiple zip files each with a size limit of 2GB. If you choose .tgz/.tbz format, the size limit of a file is 50 GB. You can also customize your delivery method. If you choose the ‘Send download link via email’ option the download link will be delivered to your Gmail inbox after completion of archive generation. The other option adds the archive to Google Drive.
    • After completion of above step click the ‘Create archive’ button. It will take time to generate your archive depending on the size of your data. After generation you can download your Data from this link. The download link expires in 8 days.

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