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5 Facebook Facts that will Blow Your Mind

Hey guys! I back with a wonderful post, you’re gonna love this one. Most of us use facebook daily, but we guys don’t some of the hidden secret facts in Facebook, Just gathered some facts from Quora and making this post.☺

Caution! Don’t get shocked☺How long have you been using Facebook? How well you know Facebook and Mr. Zuckerberg? Are you thinking there is only one type of profile in Facebook, you’re wrong, Mark can customize his profile in the way he like, without following community and guidelines! Yes you will see it below!

Facebook Notification Globe changes from Country to Country!

Yes! you heard it right, I know you might have clicked the notification icon millions of times, but still you never spotted it! If you would have used Facebook in different countries Then you might have noticed it. Still the chance is very low, because no one will look into it, in anxiety of looking their notifications. Still you don’t believe me Look at the image below or ask your friends from different country.

Mark violated Facebook Username Policy!

If anyone of us create username in facebook with less than 6 characters, then Facebook will show a error message you username should contain atleast 6 characters, but Mark is having a username with 4 characters. Maybe he have set it as “zuck” when he created facebook, but after that he updated to to minimum 6 characters but he forgot to do it himself☺

Zuckerberg is Color Blind, and that’s why FB is Blue

Facebook is blue in colour because Mark Zuckerberg suffers red-green color blindness, This fact was not revealed in “The Social Network” Movie, still the news is spread around the web, which I posted on 2011 itself in my old blog!

Don’t ever type secret thing for post and cancel the Idea!

Wondering why? Because Facebook has a special team to analyze the data you’ve typed but never posted. This work is done by a team in facebook to monitor why people were not able to post a particular post. 

Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook! Ooops, I can’t…

Have you ever tried Blocking Mark on Facebook? you will get a error message “Sorry! The blocking system is overloaded. Please wait a few minutes and try again.”. Haha, if Mark troubles you on Facebook you can’t block him, you have to quit Facebook!!!

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