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100+ Handy Facebook & Twitter Acronyms and Abbreviations

Nowadays people are online almost all the time, killing their time by chatting with their mates, Facebook is one of the biggest social network which many people use and most of them use abbreviations for chatting and commenting. I’m honest, it took me about one month to get familiar with these abbreviations, and another month to use it frequently! So thought of creating this post, so that it will be useful for many people!!

Planned for this post a week ago and prepared the whole list, with top abbreviations used in social networks like facebook and twitter and found their Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms, and I also learnt some new abbreviation in this research, so I hope after going through this list, you will be surely able to have a good knowledge about acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms. There are thousands of acronyms and abbreviations and also we can create a 100 more by inventing new abbreviations and Initialisms ourselves! But out of which the top 100 most used abbreviations are listed below… 
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100+ Handpicked  Facebook & Twitter Abbreviations

  • 2B: To Be
  • AAMOF: As a matter of fact.
  • ADN: Any Day Now
  • AFAIK: As Far as I know
  • AKA: Also Known As.
  • ASAP:  As Soon As Possible
  • ATM:  at this moment.
  • BBL: Be Back Later.
  • BBQ: Better be quick.
  • BC: Be Cool.
  • BFN: Bye for now
  • BM: Bite Me
  • BOT: Back on Topic.
  • BR: Best Regards
  • BRB: Be right back!
  • BTR: Better
  • BTW: By the Way.
  • BUMP: Bring Up My Post
  • CFY: Calling For You.
  • CLD: it means cold
  • CLM: Career Limiting Move
  • CM: Call Me
  • CTS: Changing the Subject.
  • CU: See You!
  • CUL: See you later.
  • DIAF: Die In a Fire
  • DIC: Drunk In Charge
  • DIY: Do it yourself.
  • DM: Direct Message
  • DND: Do not disturb
  • EOS: End of Story.
  • EVERY1: everyone
  • EWI: E-mailing While Intoxicated
  • EZ: Easy
  • F2F: Face to Face.
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
  • FB: Facebook
  • FISH: First in, Still Here
  • FOS: Freedom of Speech.
  • FTW: for the Win
  • FWD: Forward
  • FYEO:  For your eyes only.
  • FYI: For your information.
  • G2B: Going to Bed.
  • GA: Go Ahead (or) Good Afternoon
  • GAB: Getting a Beer
  • GAL: Get a Life.
  • GR8: Great.
  • GTG: Got to Go.
  • HAND: Have a Nice Day.
  • Hi5: High Five
  • HIG: How’s It Going?
  • HIH: Hope It Helps
  • IC: I See.
  • ID: Identification
  • IDC: I don’t care.
  • IMHO: In my humble opinion
  • IMO: In my opinion.
  • IS: I’m sorry
  • JAM: Just a minute.
  • JIC: Just in Case.
  • KIR: Keep It Real
  • KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
  • L8R: Later.
  • LAM: Leave a message.
  • LHU: Let’s Hook Up
  • LIB: Lying In Bed
  • LIFO: Last In, First Out
  • LIG: Let It Go
  • LIR: Let It Rest
  • LMA: Leave me alone.
  • LMHO: Laughing my Head off.
  • LMK: Let me know.
  • LOL: Laugh out loud.
  • MSG: Message.
  • Not 2B: Not to Be
  • NP: No problem.
  • NSFW: Not Safe for Work
  • OH: Overheard
  • OMFG: Oh My Fucking God
  • OMG: Oh my God.
  • ORLY: Oh Really?!!
  • PM: Private Message.
  • Q4U: Question for you.
  • R8: Right
  • RLRT: Real Life Retweet
  • ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • S2R: Send to Receive.
  • SMH: Shaking My Head
  • SOS: Someone on shoulder
  • TCO: Taken Care of.
  • THX: Thanks
  • TIL Today I learned.
  • TMI: Too much information.
  • TTYS: Talk to You Soon
  • TXT: Text.
  • TY: Thank You
  • TTYL: Talk to You Later
  • W8: Wait
  • W8AM: Wait a minute.
  • WTF: What the fuck (or) well that’s Fantastic
  • WTH: What the heck
  • YT: YouTube

Final words

I hope this list is very useful for your daily online works, and will help you in any cause, like chatting with a new friend of new trend, different country friends, etc. I hope you will love this article, and don’t forget to subscribe techspotz via email to get these awesome posts directly to your inbox! 

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