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10 Quick Tips to get Adsense Approved within Hours [Complete Guide]

Hey bloggers, it’s been a big gap without writing blogging tips or tutorials, my last post was a interesting one about 100+ Handy Facebook & Twitter Acronyms and Abbreviations, in this post I will be discussing about some of the best genuine methods to get adsense approval quickly! Though there are thousands of network available for bloggers to make money, everyone loves adsense because of their service and high CPC, CTR and conversion rates, most of the pro bloggers have adsense as their main income. But getting adsense is quite difficult job, but if you follow the right guides and apply with proper setup, then your application will be approved within a day.

As far as I know Adsense is the Best Advertising Network around the web, but many bloggers fail in adsense approval at the very first time only because of some small technical issue, which Google staff’s check them for sure for every blog. I bet you guys that 99% of the bloggers who apply for adsense fail’s only because they don’t read the terms and conditions possesed by Google Adsense. Many blogger repeat this mistake by submitting multiple time for adsense without going through their policies, and I am damn sure that if you could read all the adsense policies by spending 5 to 10 mins, then you will surely get it approved the next time you apply!

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To be honest, I have applied adsense twice and got it approved for the third time. I have always seen many people getting disappointed by failing in adsense approval, though they have followed some techniques. No worries! Now you are at the right place to get instant adsense approval. After going through many adsense approval files, finally made some points and I will be discussing it below, and I am sure that if you follow these points, you will surely get adsense approved!

10 Quick Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval

Custom Domain Age

Before applying for adsense make sure that your custom domain is atleast 2 months old and have a premium extension, i.e, .com (or) .net domain. .org domain is advised if your blog is based on an organisation or community. and nothing more is required in your domain customization for adsense approval. Although Adsense has a limitation of 6 months old blog (only India & China) for their approval.

Blog Posts/Articles with Attractive Content

It is advised to have atleast 15+ posts to get approved for adsense. It’s a must to have more that 10 articles to get adsense approval quickly. You may have seen blogs having adsense ads with 1 or 2 posts, well these are ad codes of other approved blog used here. Make sure all your blog posts have minimum 400 words, making 10 post with less content and applying for adsense makes no sense!

Strictly no Content Duplication

Never copy any content from other blogs, this will lead to penalisation of your blog and also you will never get Adsense approved for such a blog. You can copy a content from other blog and post it to your blog and you should give proper credits to it, do it only when your blog is ranking for some keyword and you are getting a good amount of traffic from search engines. And never do this when your blog is less than 1 year old and if you’re a newbie and wrote only 10 to 20 posts.

Responsive theme/template and Load Speed

Always use an responsive clean and neat theme to attract both visitors and google staffs. It’s because it gains the first attention of your blog to people before they read your content. Make sure that you remove all the footer credits and site wide links before applying. Try to comprise your site’s images and make your page’s loading speed faster!

The 5 Main Pages of your Blog

This 5 main pages of your blog includes About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions. Most of the bloggers don’t know that without these pages your adsense application will be disapproved. According to the adsense terms of service contact us page is must for a blog to run adsense ads. So, make sure that before you apply for adsense build your contact us and about us page, and you can copy the privacy policy and disclaimer from Techspotz, because it’s not going to affect your blog in any sense!

Traffic does not matter!

Many guides say that traffic is main for adsense and some say traffic has least role to play in adsense approval, but according to me Traffic is not at all a factor of adsense approval! A blog with very very less traffic and perfect adsense optimized will surely get approval. So, never bother about traffic! It’s only your rate of measure of success!

Avoid Adsense Prohibited materials

Contents like Pornography, Hacking, Dating, Malwares will lead to direct disapprove of your application. And also google bot will penalise your site. So, never post or promote these type of materials in any manner!

Apply with a Non-Monetized Blog

When you apply for adsense remove all other network’s ads, because using some publisher networks and applying adsense in a thought of removing it if adsense approved my application will never succeed! So, before applying adsense remove all other networks after getting approval you can add infolinks network to your blog!

Post only Relevant content of your Main Domain

Before applying adsense make sure that your blog domain, niche and blog posts are of same topic, if not write 5 to 10 post in your domain niche and then apply, because applying adsense with irrelevant content in your blog will lead to immediate disapproval of your application!

Small Tips

  • Leave a gap of 2 days for the next attempt if your application is rejected.
  • Apply for adsense at event sessions like New year, Christmas for quick approval
  • You can use same payee name, but not address and bank account
  • Never Ever click on your own ad.
  • It may take upto 24 hours for the ads to display! Kindly have patience
  • Don’t send links to your friends or post in wall or groups and ask them to go and click the ads, Google know Everything!

GOOGLE ADSENSE INDIA Customer Care Toll Free Numbers

  • Region: India (Northern)
    Toll free number: 1-860-266-6622
    Time: 10.00 A.M – 7.00 P.M UTC/GMT+5.30
    Days: Monday – Saturday
    Languages Supported: English, Hindi
  • Region: India (southern)
    Toll free number: 1-800-266-7001
    Time: 9.00 A.M – 6.00 P.M UTC/GMT+5.30
    Days: Monday – Saturday
    Languages Supported: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu


So, Implement all these and you will surely get your adsense approved within a day or so. Any successful pro blogger use adsense, because of it’s awesome features and CPCs, More than everything you can get adsense approval by following these tactics, but it’s more important to run your adsense account safely without getting it banned, many newbie bloggers get approved for adsense and will be banned within a week, to avoid this you must read adsense terms of service fully! Hope you enjoyed this article! Stay tuned with Techspotz to more!!

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