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The Discovery of Methane Gas and Water – Alien Life Discovery in MARS

NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds Methane gas on mars by drilling the sample of it’s surface, does it mean that Life existed in MARS ??? When living organisms intake food or water, Methane gas is released as a waste gas. Curiosity rover drills into mars rock and finds Water too. Does Cow Fart gas tend to Alien Discovery. Even if methane in mars has origin from non-biological process, if so why? All these questions are to be answers by NASA soon! After 20 months of observation NASA has revealed it’s report. The presence of methane at good conditions shows us that mars is still a active planet which can inhabit life, as it was long ago. Many theories say that life came into existence in earth by reaction of organic compounds, now it found in mars, which shows us that, life existed once upon a time in mars. MARS = CH4 +H2O + Other Substances

The curiosity rover weighs one ton, over the study of mars atmosphere done by NASA for 2 months, the composition of methane increased 10 fold before quickly dissipating. Study by NASA about the mars atmosphere published online this dec’16 in the journal Science revealed that methane is present in average of 0.7 parts per billion. Curiosity scientists measured methane in MARS at November 2013 first which reported as methane is present in about 5.5 parts per billion! Which is comparatively very large. Scientists expect that methane on Mars to have a lifetime of about 300 earth years. Certain isotopes of the gas may indicate that life forms created the alkane series at some purpose in Mars’ history, whereas alternative isotopes would probably mean that earth science forces area unit chargeable for manufacturing the gas. Below is a piece of twitter updates made by NASA’s curiosity!

Certified organics! I detected organics for the 1st time on the surface of Mars #AGU14
— Curiosity Rover (@MarsCuriosity) December 16, 2014

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