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Sony Makes Experimental E-Paper Watch

There have been some rumors circulating recently about that the Sony working on an Experimental Smart Watch that uses the E-Paper as a display Watch. Sony has developed a Watch made from the E-Paper as a part of an initiative to the Experiment with the use of the Material for the Fashion Products. The E-Paper is of course the Same Technology used on the E-Reader Screens, & it now Sony is Trialling it in Watches it would seem.

It has emerged that the FES Watch is an E-Paper Watch that Appeared Online in the SeptemberThe FES Watch has a Minimalist, Monochrome Design but falls short of features offered by the Smart Watches. It is face an offshoot of the PlayStation maker According to the Wall Street Journal. They say that the Sony kept their Involvement quiet to Gauge Public Perception, instead of using the name Fashion Entertainments to push the Product.

The watch is describe as the “Retro and Cool”. It Certainly is a different take on the Concept of the Smart Watches since most others including Entries from the Sony itself have made Wearable quite Feature Rich. 
However, the Battery of the E-Paper Watch could last far Longer with an Estimated 60 days of use. One of my Predictions for the Next Year is that the Fashion is going to Play a Huge part in Shaping the Tech Industry.

The Watch face and straps have an E-Paper Display, Comparable to the Technology used in the E-Book Readers such as the Amazon’s Kindle. It means, that the Watch can Alternate between the several different Styles of Watch Face and Strap Design.

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