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Search Engine Optimization(SEO), every bloggers ends up here when they are searching to get organic traffic. Every successful blogger is an expert in SEO Analyst too. After learning basic SEO, you need to go for some good Search Engine Optimization Techniques. Learning all techniques is not important, implementing it in your blog is more important. All you need to do is understand the Science of  Search Engine Optimization well.

Keyword Analysis or Keyword Research

It’s a common mistake with many bloggers, they write good content with best keywords, but they don’t rank because many popular blogs must have already written articles on the same topic with more valuable points, so do proper keyword research, choose a low competitive keyword with good number of searches and write articles on it, which will definitely rank.

Double SEO

It’s a new technique, which only some expert SEO Analyst know. The title itself tell you that you’re going to do some thing double. Nothing complicated, include your keyword 2 times in your main domain and redirect it to you main blog, using 302 redirection. For example, you are having a blog about search engine optimization and say you have a domain then create a domain like and redirect it to your main domain! That’s it you have applied double SEO technique.

Match your Domain exactly with the Keyword!

It’s popularly known as EMD’s(Exact Match Domains) through which you can rank any keyword very easily, including the phrase or a long keyword in the domain will help you a lot in ranking! A keyword in your main domain will definitely rank your site at first, if not in subdomain will help you. Domain age is another important factor, keyword in a subdomain of an old blog may rank better than a newly created domain with keyword in main domain. Anyhow this method loss it’s worth with google’s EMD update, but still you have some benefits around it.

ON page SEO

On page seo refers to the technique you apply on your site to rank better like page title, meta tags, meta description, images, internal linking, etc. Include your keywords in page title, meta descriptions, alt text in images, files uploaded, etc. Make sure your URL structure is perfect, and use all H1,H2,H3,H4 headings and sub-topics.

OFF page SEO

Be active in social media, and gain traffic from it. Do content and blog marketing to share your blog among different people from different parts of country. Submit your blog in your niche directories. Bookmark your blog in social bookmarkers like stumbleupon, reddit, digg, etc. Photo sharing in bulk photo provider site and video marketing is also an important part of off page SEO. Also submit your articles to directories. Answer questions in forums related to your niche and interact via comments.

Infographic and Image Search

Getting traffic via images is a latest search engine optimization technique, main part of it is to add your keyword to alt text in images, it also helps you to build natural backlinks! Create infographics and submit to directories, so that when people download your images from google images and upload to their blogs or embed your infographics to their blogs, you will get natural high quality backlinks.

Backlinks Matters Even Today!

Many small blogs are really going high with the strong backlinks profile! Yes, Still after so many google updates, backlinks matters! Don’t buy backlinks or build them in poor quality blogs, Prefer dofollow backlinks than nofollow backlinks. Many bloggers very badly affected by Google’s panda update, because they built backlinks from low quality blogs (less than their blogs) and used some tools to automate backlink creation.

As Matt Cutt says:

If there is a link selling site and they get caught for selling links, and they just happen to be linking to you, the value of that link that the site was providing, it just goes away.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the visitors who bounce back from your blog without visiting any other pages, It happens if your content is not good or on page factors are poor. These days bounce rate matters a lot. So, try to maintain your bounce rate below 15%, its good if its below 7%. Build more interlinks to your blog and have a popular post widget and sidebar and a related posts widget below the post.

Duplicate Content will KILL your Blog 

Never copy content from other blogs, even if are to copy some paragraphs give the credits below, If your blog have some DMCA complaints, then your blog may get penalised by any of the google updates. So, try to avoid copying anything from other websites. If you’re working on an event blog and you’re forced to copy contents then add a DMCA Copyright protection badge in your blog.

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