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Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

After creating a buzz over the total industry of the Tech Samsung is all set to launch very fine and amazing new smartphone for its well-known series Samsung Galaxy S. The smartphone features very packable and fantastic feature innovating a new scope of technology. As S6 will surely make a huge transformation for the company in the marketing and popularity, the next in the row will gain an utmost importance because of the past trends and the heights S6 will raise to. The launch of Galaxy S7 will be more exciting than the S6 one, because of some basic reasons that it is high on expectancy of the lovers of Samsung and after the growing of so many smartphones in this tough industry it is important to keep up the pace and be one step ahead. And after that the time has not even approached but rumors have already started for the very next after S6, because as per the growing competitions and arriving smartphones every now and then.

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Specifications and Features

  • Will run on a marvelous Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+ GHz 
  • And we estimate that Will be powered by Exynos 16-core big, LITTLE
  • Amazing 4K resolution, with amazing display or a fantastic foldable display.
  • It will basically be working on 4GB RAM for a blazing and flawless experience
  • Powerfully Equipped with stunning and powerful 20 MP front camera sensor powered with a rotatory system.
  • A very powerful and accessible Touch ID button with an equally amazing retina scan. Don’t you think it’s gonna challenge the iPhone one?
  • A very standable Ultimate charging time geared with a fast charging technology.

Precising the features in the go

In the event that we discuss the fittings and determinations of Galaxy S7 then undoubtedly, it would be convey the most progressive equipment of the era. Not basically of the sole reason that it is geared with new technology but it is capable of maintaining the class of that too. According to the gossipy tidbits we have in our ears, at the dispatch of Samsung S7, business pattern would be touching the utmost in the fittings specs. In 2014, 3gb RAM get to be typical in cell phones and for 2015 also, 4gb RAM would be basic. Thus, on the off chance that you are expecting 4gb RAM in S7 then you won’t not be right. On other hand, in 2015 we would encounter the speediest portable cell phone processor, which may transform at the recurrence of 3.x Ghz. As of now, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is working at clock recurrence of 2.7 Ghz.

On other hand, as we talking about there must be something novel in showcase setup of Samsung Galaxy S7 and yes Samsung would take after the desires of individuals. You can expect a stunning 4K presentation or adaptable showcase from next Galaxy S arrangement cell phone. Only two years prior, in Smartphone industry HTC and LG were two monster to experience the 3 D presentation in their cell phone, however the reaction were not in support due to the 3d restrictions in the showcase and now who knows whether Samsung will bring some high determination, low utilization and most effective 3d presentation in cell phones are figured out how to streamline this quick charging engineering.

The Release Date

  • Galaxy S4 released March 2013
  • Galaxy S5 released March 2014
  • Galaxy S6 would be releasing coming February 2015
  • Galaxy S7 release date Q4 of 2015  

The Cost to Feel it in your Pocket 

The expense of the this rendition is relied upon to be : $ 850-1000
In Indian Terms it comes around : Rs. 51000-60000
(It is absolutely a gauge so the costs can change likewise however they won’t indicate variety to a vast degree.)

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