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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Price and Specifications

New Samsung is now walking forward in providing best and impressive gadgets in the cellular market. The Southern Japanese Company has already introduced many cellular phones in the marketing each offering of technological innovation that is high end. Newest addition to the list is New Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is big and extremely thin

Going over the top is ill recommended. But New Samsung galaxy Note 5 has done just that with its New Samsung Galaxy Note and is today having a laugh all the way to the bank. Despite not so beneficial opinions, and an attempt at creating a specialized market with a smart cell phone that is almost a product system, the Southern Japanese cell phone manufacturer has hit pay dust with the New Samsung Galaxy Note that has many popular functions besides its too huge a touch delicate show. its was clearly taking a big risk by releasing something like the Galaxy Note and has been compensated handsomely for its boldness in every cell phone industry across the world such as the UK.

Cell phone with complete solution

Mostly discussing it was combined opinions that came from most areas and most outlined to the apparent fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was probably too big for being used as a smart cell phone device. Though New Samsung on its part, made all initiatives to promote the product as a direction splitting device that may just handle to give a complete solution as a cell phone that can provide both as a smart cell phone and as a cellular computer product system and is also pretty convenient to carry around as your other cell phone gadgets.
The device exhibits sheer brilliance of engineers at Samsung from external to internal features, and few things like camera, and display will really nail it in the market when it releases in the month of September this year. There are few reasons why buyers will not get their hands-on their phone, like its over the top pricing but there are still a million sales guaranteed when Samsung brings out this beast in 2015.
What is amazing is that New Samsung handled to persuade the common user across the world about it. While the New Samsung is obnoxiously large with its roof splitting 6 inches extensive wide touch screen show, it is also one of the slimmest cellular phones around as it is as thin as the New Samsung Galaxy Note 5 itself.  

Note 5 Specifications

Besides its 6 inches extensive wide WVGA Super AMOLED show touch screen show, the New Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also comes with a stress delicate S-Pen stylus pen using which you can create down notices and deliver the same to devices, and this is over and above the 3G, HSDPA,GPRS, Wifi allowed net connection and data social media functions. You then have the dual-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor driving the product and the Android working system v4.4.4 Kitkat edition of the operating system running it. This phone comes in different colors. One can choose from Frosted white, charcoal black, Bronze gold and blossom pink. So choose your phone color according to your preferences.
There is an eight mega-pixel primary back fixed camera as well for high-definition videos and still pictures. Because of its size, the New Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been rechristened the `Phablet’ by certain one fourth in the industry and this name has captured on.

The cost of the this version is expected to be : $ 850-1000

In India it comes around : Rs.51000-60000

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