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LG G5 with true 8-Core processor and 4K display – Specification and Price

These days markets are all flooded with numberless companies that are preparing smartphone technologies. But all the companies can’t get the status of good technology provider. Only few companies like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG are some of those companies which have been able to prove itself by standing up to the expectations of its tech lovers. LG is not a very old smart phone manufacturer but it has been able to gain fame and prominence in the tech world just over a few years.. Isn’t that a commendable achievement! LG’s G series is worth a mention here. It has always been a treat to the Tech lovers.

Tech lovers are generally in dilemma of what to choose from such a wide range of smart phones out there. So here we are as always to put you out of this dilemma and tell you more about LG G5 which is indeed another good option if you don’t have samsung or Apple obsession!  Like any other top smartphone producer, LG’s smart phones are also always surrounded by some or other rumour. For instance,its G4 and G5 are two to-be-released smart phones about which no detail is officially declared by the LG itself, but rumors and speculations are always there. So lets see what are the expected features of  LG G5, its release date, Specifications and price.



Though, there is yet no information in regard to LG G5, tech gurus are expecting an up gradation of screen display when compared with G3 and G4. A larger screen is being anticipated.


LG G3 offered a great battery,the same is being expected from G4. Since G5 is ahead of it,its expected to come up with a much improved battery life. At this moment we can’t fix up what it should be but it should not be less than 4000 mAh.


These days having an option to save your battery in case its in last stage. This alternative is commonly called ultra power saving mode. Its predecessors lacked this feature. Therefore its expected in the upcoming G series smartphone.


A camera with enhanced mega pixels is expected out of coming up LG G5. It is said to delight the photography lovers with amazing picture clarity both back and secondary camera for those who love to click themselves.


Don’t get confused with the words! We just mean that now your smart phones have become smart enough to protect themselves against these enemies like water or dust. Yeah! LG G5 is going to have water and dust proof technology.

So these were some of the basic features which you might get to experience. You liked the features?? So now you must be pondering how much you will have to wait and what is going to be its cost-worth!!

Don’t worry we are arriving to that point only! As we mentioned earlier also,there is no official information about its arrival or anything for that sake. We have to rely on what tech experts are speculating.

Quick Specifications:

  • 64,128 GB Internal Memory
  • 4K Display – Best in the display
  • True Octa-Core processor clocked at 3+ GHz
  • Exynos big LITTLE configuration
  • Touch ID 
  • Retina Scan 
  • Longer Battery Backup
  • Fast Charging Capability
  • Wireless charging
  • New Interactive display


It is tentatively going to be out by the last month of the coming year 2015 as the mid of the year is probably going to see the release of G4. Its estimated price in India is going to be somewhere around Rs.60,000 – Rs.75,000. Around $800 all over the world!

Till it arrives, have a happy waiting time!

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