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Hynix’s World’s First 128GB DDR4 Memory Module

SK Hynix has recently announced world’s first 128GB RAM. Twice the efficiency of the company’s current 64GB RAM.

RAM is a main component of your personal computers, any how a 2 GB RAM will do for our personal computers. Today’s PC runs on DDR3 memory modules, the next advanced version is DDR3 memory modules. Hynix’s 128GB DDR4 memory module is based on 8 gigabit DDR4 chips created with 20 NM process lithography. Obviously it runs too fast at the rate of 2,133 Mbps with 64 bit input-output streaming. And is can transfer up to 17 GB of data per second. It runs at low voltage of 1.2 Volts.

Mass Production of Hynix’s Memory modules will be boosted at early 2015’s. They double the density of 64GB RAMs and use TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology. It is a technology of passing electric connections directly into silicon die which produce 3D stacked integrated circuits. By 2016-18 your mother board can be filled with 4 128GB RAMs in the slots enabling a supercomputer of 512 GB RAM! Intel is planning to support for DDR4 Memories. Hynix said it has planned to ship 128 GB RAMs to computer makers soon. Price of this RAM is still a question mark.

Hynix 128GB Ram being a low electricity consuming, high efficiency RAM  is believed to be loved among all computer lovers! 

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