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How to Setup Facebook Ads and drive Killer Traffic to your Blog

Facebook has over 1 billion people, so it really interesting to advertise on Facebook, it’s just an alternate of Adwords, Adwords is best, but Facebook ads is very Cheap and Best ♥ Yes, it’s too cheap! Facebook has 2 types of adverts, one is boosting your page’s posts, and the other is advertise directly(page is optional). With direct facebook ads you can Boost your posts, Promote your Page, Send people to your website, Increase conversions on your website, Get installs of your app, Increase engagement in your app, Raise attendance at your event, Get people to claim your offer, Get video views. There are lot of offer and available at very cheap price ☻

How to setup a Facebook Ad unit

  • Click on the Create Ad button under pages section in your wall.
  • Select your desired Service and Enter your details accordingly.
  • Check your Ad preview for all Mobile and Desktop feeds and make it perfect.
  • Then Place your order!
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Important tips for Best Traffic Generation!

  • Choose “Send people to your website” rather than “Increase conversions on your website” for more traffic.
  • Most important thing is choose the correct interest to get best conversions.
  • Target the right Country or state or Region.
  • Choose highest possible no. of interest to get maximum reach.
  • Choose lowest possible no. of countries to get maximum reach.
  • Adjust the age according to your topic.
  • Upload a responsive image with correct size, as Facebook suggests
  • Choose the correct language to reach your ad to the right people.

Payment Methods & Solutions

  • International debit cards are treated as credit cards in Facebook, using them for payment will be succeeded but will result you in high Risk! So, never use them. After crossing $10 billing Facebook will automatically deduct money from your Account.
  • Using credit cards for payment is always best, all your transactions are completed at the beginning itself with safe ad campaign☻
  • There are many site available to pay with debit card or netbanking and get a Facebook ad coupon in return. you may try those sites!
  • Even if you are making more ads without paying the bill, more restriction will be placed on your account, your account will be flagged and your link will be banned by Facebook. For Proof look at the Screenshots below.

Post Boosting and Page promotion

Well these are 2 more features provided by facebook which can help bloggers. This Post Boosting is very viral among Facebook, it may reach upto 20k user for a single dollar. I have been using this service for last 2 months and it’s really awesome, we can get more traffic to our site, and additionally engagement to our Facebook Fan Page! If website clicks service by facebook costs you 10$, we can get same no. of clicks from this Post boosting for 0.5$ ☻

How to Boost post Effectively

  • Copy your Article link and paste it in status update tab, wait for the link to load thumbnails & descriptions.
  • After that Upload a nice image change the title and description to look attractive, remove the link in status and write a catchy title.
  • Then as Above mentioned, Fill all the details more accurately to get best conversions to your blog.
  • And place your order!
Below is an screenshot of a successful ad run by me! – Link

Final words

Facebook Ad unit take effect only after 6-8 hours, and get it’s maximum boosting speed just after it, according to me Facebook ads work great than Adwords, and it’s cheaper too! If you did not setup your ad to right people, then your ads will become an waste post in their feed, and if not choosing up more relevant interests and a click can cost more that a dollar! So, don’t wait for others feedback, try it yourself today. Read these successful stories to gain more confidence.

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