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How to increase your torrent speed by 273% [Full Tutorial]

A torrent is a file that contains data concerning files and folders to be distributed, and frequently conjointly a listing of the network locations of trackers, that area unit computers that facilitate participants within the system realize one another and type economical distribution teams known as swarms. Usually many people download movies and games via torrent, what ever it may be, if the size is in gigabytes, the the next choice is to download it via torrent, because we can download large files with good speed in less time☺In this article I will show you How to increase your torrent speed by 273%, sounds great right! So, here we go…

Method 1 – Optimizing your torrent settings for better speed

  • Go to » Options » Preferences » bandwidth tab
  • Change your default values with the following values!
  1. Maximum Upload Rate :                                                    10 to 15
  2. Maximum Download Rate :                                               1800  
  3. Global maximum number of connections :                    2329 
  4. Maximum number of connected peers per torrent :    100 or not more than 200 
  5. Maximum upload slots per torrent :                                14 
  • Leave others as it is.
  • Then go to advance tab, and change the following
  1. Look for “bt.connect_speed”               Set it to “80
  2. Look for “net.max_halfopen”              Set it to “100

 It’s over here! Click on Apply!

Method 2 – Hack your Speed!

  • Download Cheat Engine – LINK
  • Install it by “Run as Administrator“. (Right click the setup icon and click it)
  • Then click icon which looks like “My Computer” on the top left corner below Files tab.
  • Then find “utorrent” icon and choose it.
  • Then click on enable “speedhack“.
  • Set it to “0.1” or you may also try “0.01” which will slow down your computer.
  • Now click on “Hex” and enable it, value by default will be 000000 leave it.
  • Now click on First Scan and then Next Scan for 2-3 time! 

Then Check your speed, It starts up like a missile☺

After Applying these 2 methods, I have got my speed raised to 273% than the normal one! Everyone must try it☺. Below is a screen-shot of my utorrent results after try out these 2 tricks, It really works great! And yeah it’s 273% higher than my normal speed.

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