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How to Create an Invisible Folder [[Not Hidden Folder]]

Hey! Today I have came up with an interesting trick, that is creating an Invisible Folder, not hidden folders which you can control in option, It is an completely invisible with no name no icon! It’s an awesome trick to fool others, people can find it only when they drag upon it or search for it, otherwise, it’s totally INVISIBLE!!!

Steps to Create an Invisible Folder

  • Goto the destination where you wanna make the Invisible Folder.
  • Create a New Folder as you do always.
  • Now Rename the folder, you have to type 0160 holding alt together!
  • Now save it! Yes, the Folder name is now invisible!☺
  • Now Right click on the folder, then goto properties.
  • Goto Customize tab, and click on change icon
  • Now move a little bit forward and you will find blank icons.
  • Select of those icons and save it, click on apply!
  • Hola! you have successfully created an invisible folder!!
Make an Invisible Folder and store all your secrets safely without any software☺

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