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How to Create an Android App for your Blog or Website

Hey Bloggers! I am here to teach you how to create an android app for your blog or website. Well, Android is the most used OS all around the world, so creating an attractive android app will take your blog to next level, you will get more traffic as well as frequent readers for your blog! So, by now listen to the above lines you will be excited to know how to create an app and most of you will worry about how do I do coding? No worries, in this tutorial there is no need for a single line of coding! And the download link for your android app is ready! Yes, we just need your blog details and 10mins of your day!!

Create an Android app in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Head on to APPSGEYSER
  2. Click on Create Now Button
  3. Click on Website option.
  4. Enter the details of your blog, i.e, website URL, App name, Description, Icon, Screen orientation and category carefully!
  5. Login with Facebook or sign up by filling details!
Congratulations! You Android app is ready to download☺with an easy download link and banners are available to add it to your website and download it with single click! Really cool right! You can add your app to google play store by paying $25 to google playstore. And another good news is you can make money with this app once you cross 100 downloads. QR codes are generated to download your app with a short scan.
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If you want your app to be more professional, then upload it to google play by paying $25 and promote your app, and get hell lot benefits from it.You can also upload your app to amazon market. Statistics are available with immediate updates. Remember this app directly uploading your website into it, your blog mobile theme will reflect there. And you can add more option in menu by customizing it. Will post an article soon on how to create an iOS app for your blog or website. Subscribe Techspotz via mail to get these freaking tutorials directly to your inbox.

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