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Facebook List Followers – How I made 1 Million Followers in a month

Facebook Lists are introduced about an year ago. But it did not gain popularity among most of the Facebookers. It’s just awesome feature by facebook, which allows us to organise your close friends, only their feeds, and also to separate a group of unwanted friends to hide from a post. The other side of this Facebook Lists, is we can make millions of followers through this facebook lists. I’ve seen some people having 10 – 12 million of followers via this lists, and they are real too, all these 10 million peoples will get your updates on their wall! Even Mark Zuckerberg’s has 31 million followers, out of which 7.8 million followers are from this lists 😛 check it here.

So, In this post I will teach you…

  • How to create a list in Facebook
  • How to gain more followers in your list.
  • How to add your friends & others to lists.
  • How to exchange your list and gain more followers to your profile.

How to Create a Facebook List

  • Goto this link : https://www.facebook.com/bookmarks/interests
  • Click on Create List at Right Top.
  • Search for People or Pages that you want to include in your list and select them all and click “Next”!
  • Now Give any name to your list and save it.
  • Hurray! You’ve created a list on Facebook! Now lets see how to gain more followers on your list!

A list Looks like this : Click Here ( Follow it ☻)

How to gain more followers in your List

The main part of getting followers to your profile is to gain more followers to your list. And it’s a bit difficult too. First of all ask all your friends to follow the list, and share it with others. There is a alternate method to gain more followers quickly, but I don’t recommend it for you, the procedure is as follows.

  • Create a new fake facebook account.
  • Login to anyone of the site below with it and follow the instructions and submit your list link.
  1. Official Liker
  2. VLiker
  3. Hublaa
  • This method is not recommended! 

How to add your friends & others to lists

Goto your list, at right tab you can find a dialog box with a plus symbol and a text “Add to this list”. Click on it and type your friends name whom you wanted to add to the list, If your friend’s name is not listed, then type the full name including the alternate name (if any).

How to exchange your list and gain more followers to your profile

This is the tricky part of getting huge followers to your profile by lists. All you have to do is to exchange your list with other people and gain followers to your profile☻. Usually at the beginning the list followers are added to your profile within 48 hours, as you are added to the list. But now it takes more time, may be a month also! But now also this trick works fine. 70% of these list followers are in active, but atleast 10-15% of the followers respond to your updates and like or comment on them! If once they engage on your post, they will be getting your updates regularly. By which you get more exposure in Facebook.

When a person add you to their list, all the followers of the list will be following you, and when you do the same, all the followers in your list will be following the person whom you have added to your list. This is know as list exchanging! A quick way to gain more followers. If you concentrate more and work properly, and exchange more, you can get upto 10 million followers in just 2 months.

There are tons of facebook groups available to exchange your list, but make sure that your list have atleast 1000 followers, so that more people will be interested to exchange with you. I will provide the links of some active groups where you can exchange your lists. Most of the people in these groups are from

Note! Many cheaters are there in this network so be careful, they will ask you to add them in your list and then block you. or remove you after 2 or 3 days.

Some Active List Exchange Groups:

Precautions :
  • Ask people to add you first on their list, and then you add them.
  • Many people will be spamming in these groups, just ignore them.
  • Try to Exchange with big lists.
Increase your fame on facebook! Check the below screenshot I got almost 1.6 Million Followers from list : LINK
If you have any doubts or any questions, feel free to ask in comments. I will be happy to help you!

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