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101 Ways to Improve your SEO in 2019

Having a blog without search engine optimized these days doesn’t help you in getting good traffic and blog engagement. Almost every bloggers dream is to rank first on google. You may be a good writer or web designer, but not optimizing your blog for search engine results will not pay you. So, here as an exciting 101 ways to kick start your search engine optimization! Each an every point matters a lot in SEO.

101 ways to improve SEO

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101 ways to improve your SEO!

  1. Don’t start a blog for you! Make a blog for your Readers!
  2. Never write for Google! write for your visitors!
  3. Do keyword researches on daily basis on your niche
  4. Never build Backlinks, try to get them naturally for your content!
  5. Be active on social medias and try to drive visitors from it
  6. Understand your Readers, write only for them 🙂
  7. Manually submit your blogs to all search engines.
  8. Optimize your site for mobile users.
  9. Write regularly, atleast once in a week.
  10. Increase your content quality, which ultimately decreases bounce rate.
  11. Gain more comments so that search engine predicts more people are engaged to your blog
  12. Don’t forget to create a sitemap!
  13. Don’t concentrate only on google traffic!
  14. Choose best themes, with less javascripts and plugins.
  15. Don’t add too many external links in your post.
  16. Try to interlink your own post with your trending articles.
  17. Use bullet points and numbering make your articles detailed.
  18. Read more blogs on your niche and try to gain more knowledge from it.
  19. Mention a sentence to share your post with their friends below every post.
  20. Find authors who have more influence on your target audience
  21. Get support from your country and target international countries via it.
  22. Analysis your competitors traffic source and get help from it.
  23. Target languages don’t go for regions!
  24. Remove unwanted javascripts to decrease page load time!
  25. Add alt texts to your images which help you in natural backlinks.
  26. Make a wonderful logo, which is your brand, spend good time on it.
  27. Never stuff keywords, it’s very harmful.
  28. Keywords you write on should have a good density in your first paragraph.
  29. Make keyword phrases to attract more readers!
  30. Create a Robot.txt file, apart from XML sitemaps.
  31. Use Google Analytics and analyze and make necessary changes.
  32. Always reply your commenters and interact with them.
  33. Use multiple H2 headings on your post.
  34. Make unique and quality contents and try content marketing.
  35. Keep your social signals managed & Balanced!
  36. Create your own Brand, matters a lot in on page SEO.
  37. Steel techniques from your competitors 😛
  38. Your keyword density should be less than 1% to rank.
  39. Tag your Post with 3 to 5 relevant keywords.
  40. Include your post title in your permalink and make it short.
  41. mention your keyword in meta description.
  42. Guest post is the king of content marketing.
  43. Don’t post too many Infographics in your blog.
  44. Try to write in more than 250 words.
  45. Search Engine loves long articles, 1000+ words will rank for sure!
  46. Add popular posts widgets to decrease bounce rate.
  47. Don’t add too many ads and widgets to you blog, have enough space for your readers.
  48. If you create new blogs make 5 to 10 external links to trusted sources.
  49. Add social share buttons in order to increase social signals.
  50. Never copy a sentence also from other blogs.
  51. Do not conduct too many giveaways at the beginning!
  52. Keep your google+ profile updated!
  53. Allow people to share the images on your blog!
  54. Don’t use more “-” and “_” in your URL.
  55. Shorten your links before you share them on social medias.
  56. Embed slideshows and videos for more attraction 🙂
  57. Create an about page, contact us form for more engagement.
  58. Also add Privacy policy and disclaimer pages for a pro look!
  59. Out of all other factors matching, your domain age matters!
  60. Use google disavow tool to remove all bad backlinks.
  61. Gain returning visitors to your site again and again to rank better
  62. Increase your grammar and vocabulary!
  63. www and non www links are treated as different links by search engines.
  64. Adding infographic and video related to your article will reduce bounce rate dramatically!
  65. Add small 1-2 quotations in between posts, don’t add links in it.
  66. If you get more direct traffic, your website is ranked higher.
  67. Do check your HTML code regularly.
  68. Fix all you link errors(broken links) in webmaster tools.
  69. Use hyphens rather than underscores.
  70. Don’t tag unwanted tags to your post.
  71. Don’t go for too long domains. Have short and sweet one 🙂
  72. Use hashtags to trend in social medias.
  73. In your post, include a intro para and a conclusion box!
  74. Don’t add too many images in your post
  75. Ask question in between posts to engage your readers.
  76. If it is required to add more external links, include nofollow attribute
  77. Try to avoid ads in between posts, until your blog is popular enough.
  78. Avoid HQ images and add images under 50KB.
  79. Embed video, don’t provide links.
  80. Try to avoid using <br> tags for line breaks, always use <p> tags
  81. Don’t use bot traffics and robot works.
  82. Avoid using tools to rank in search engines.
  83. Don’t add musics or Autoplay videos in your blog pages.
  84. Don’t insert jump break unless it’s badly required.
  85. Have an Author bio box and related posts widget below every post.
  86. Have a search box is compulsory!
  87. Try to write more article on a topic, don’t have odd articles on your blog
  88. Use good commenting systems like commentluv,disqus.
  89. Avoid buying SEO service, be smart, optimize in your own way!
  90. Don’t upload photos downloaded from sites, get pics with rights.
  91. Focus on how people search, don’t focus on single words or two.
  92. Make sure your blog is easy to use.
  93. Use your keyword in alt text of images.
  94. Fix all your 404 errors and consider redirecting to a more appropriate page
  95. Limited page title to 60 characters & page description to 100 characters
  96. Use jpeg format images.
  97. Use Smileys – People love it 🙂
  98. Implement SEO on all areas in your blog, because SEO never dies.
  99. Always wait 3-6 months to see good results.
  100. Always follow trusted blogs, as newbie bloggers can misguide you!
  101. Measure what matters, but more importantly do what matters
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