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TSU – Social Network Where Users Own their Content

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Tsu is pronounced as “Sue” is world’s first social network which pays about 90% of their income to it’s users. Major Social Networks Like Facebook & Twitter may earn from their users, But in TSU you earn your own content, it’s all about social networking (which we daily do in Facebook and twitter) and get paid for it. That’s the speciality of Tsu. And another advantage is that we get 90% of the earnings. Tsu has established with an initial funding of 7 million.

“You’re Getting Paid for Enjoying on this Social Network”

Tsu Founder Sebastian Sobczak said:

Established social networks have built amazing business models prospering on the total monetization of free user-generated content. Why should anyone commercially benefit from someone else’s image, likeness and work giving no financial return to the owner? The markets we participate in are enormous, growing and can materially compensate each user – we’re simply and uniquely rewarding the users who are doing all the work. This is the way the world should work.

Tsu don’t have sign up options in their homepage. Everyone who want to Sign up for Tsu need an invitation. Just sign up here using our Invitation and grow your tree! Well a tree is your network and you’re the parent and the people you invite are your childrens, and If any one of your children generate money, you will get paid!





Tsu is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users. Tsu believe in real ownership, which only exists when users own the rights to their content and the economics that come with it. Users should be compensated for their likeness, image and content. It’s simple and it’s the right thing to do. Tsu share social revenues with everyone, for any type of content, size of network or level of influence. Using Tsu requires nothing more than what you already do on other social media platforms today. Our model is global, scalable, and designed to empower the user. For the first time every user can be a content creator earning royalties in perpetuity.

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