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Top 7 Crazy Ideas to Get Free Traffic for your Blog

Hi there! Every blogger want traffic to their blog. It’s an ultimate aim to bring readers to your blog. But newbies get low traffic at beginning, but when you get good amount of traffic then automatically you will get returning visitors if you provide quality content. So, the difficult part of this process is to bring readers to your blog at beginning. In this post I will be discussing about some cool ideas to drive good amount of traffic to your blog within no time.! Sounds cool Right? Let’s get started…
Free Traffic for your Blog

Get Traffic from Schools & Colleges

Today almost all the schools & colleges have computer and internet facility. If so then make your Blog as Homepage on all the browsers in all computers in your computer lab. Take help from your friends. If possible install alexa toolbar in browsers which will help you in increasing alexa rank. I have been using this method for last 2 years and got good results!

Facebook Tricks

Many of you might have noticed people sharing their blog posts on facebook groups, I suggest you the same method but more effectively. Make a fake profile with any american name and write catchy captions it’s ok if 10% of the content match with article niche and post it in big groups, write a catchy caption so that when people read it they never scroll down without check it out! I also suggest you to comment on some big verified facebook pages.

Google+ communities

It’s one of the best way to drive traffic, Many of us don’t know about these communities. Recently one of the community of google+ named as “Facebook” has crosses 2 million members which is an awesome place to share your blog posts. There are many more communities with large number of members like youtubers, android, etc. Share your articles with good quote images which will attract more people and add your link in caption. This is one of the best method for newbies.

Hashtags #

Many people use hashtags but not on the right way. Use hashtags targeting viewers and events. For example it’s FIFA next day then do include a tag #FIFA #fifaworldcup like that in your social media posts so that you get many readers although you the topic is not related, if it is an interesting one you get visitors to your blog!

Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Digg & Reddit

These are some bookmarking site among which stumbleupon provides instant traffic to your blog for free. you may get 20 to 30 viewers at that instant of submission. There are many other similar site, google for more 🙂

Infographic & GIF Animated Images

Use Infographic in your blog posts and make some animated images which act like short videos, which is more attractive, use Vine. Vine is an iPhone app that lets you create 6-second looping video shorts, a great way to give viewers a 6-second teaser about the blog post contents. When you share this images in facebook it animates as it is posted which will make visitors to check it!

A professional Look

This is probably not a method but an idea for your blog look to your viewers. When you start your blog you will create facebook, google+ pages which has 0 likes. Make use of social exchange sites like addmefast to get some likes to your pages and shares to your posts. Which will provide a rich look to your visitors. Make sure that after getting good visitors remove those inactive fans.

Final Words

My suggestion to all newbie bloggers is not to use any black hat seo methods to drive traffic to your blog, which will definitely penalty your blog by any google updates. Always write quality content and wait for some time, you will surely get good readers!

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