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Top 5 Android Apps to Earn Money Without Investment

If you are searching for Apps to Earn money without investment, then you ended up at the perfect place, 2020 has been a hard year and millions of people lost their jobs or their business ended up in loss. So, in this post I will list some of the best apps that I use to make some extra money, all the apps provide you passive income just for some simple tasks, and the first app in the article will pay you money for literally doing nothing and just having the app installed in your Phone! without wasting your time, let’s jump in to the list of apps that earns you money without any investment.

Android Apps to Earn Money Without Investment:


Pi Network [2020 Lockdown Special]

Would you believe me if I said there is an app to earn free money and it doesn’t drain your battery or use your CPU/processor or use your network? This is what Pi Network does. Pi network is started by three Stanford University PhDs and the good thing about this cryptocurrency is that there is no need of any graphic cards or any setup to mine this coin as in bitcoin you can easily mine this from your smart phone without draining your battery and you can close the app after clicking to mining after every 24 hr. You can Download this app right now from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store and start earning FREE cryptocurrencies. The 1-minute video below will help you understand more about Pi Network.

But the main thing is that you need an invitation code to join this Pi network without this code you can’t join in this network and it is compulsory and 10 million users are joined this pi network already and after 100 Million mark the mining value will be halved and after 1 Billion users it will be halved again. So, you need to get on this early!

Download PI App Now!

Invitation code: Neslaa

Use my invitation code to join my network and earn more Pi!



Thousands of apps are available now to make money, but today you will know about a service that is available on many platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and others. It is quite a different method to earn online, there are no such things as tasks, surveys, clicks, etc. It is a passive method.

Thousands of apps are available now to make money, but today you will know about a service that is available on many platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, and others. It is quite a different method to earn online, there are no such things as tasks, surveys, clicks, etc. It is a passive method.

By using this app, you going to share your unused internet traffic to data scientists, in this way they will use your internet and you will earn for that work. This is the working model of Honey Gain. With HoneyGain, you can earn passive money by just staying at home! As we know it is not common to earn money online, but still, it can help you.

How it Works?

The way to earn money from this application is slightly different from others. In this case, you will need internet; HoneyGain gives you Credits in exchange for using your internet bandwidth, which we can redeem to PayPal once it reaches $20 in Value.

If you download this app now (from the link below), you will get an instant $5 registration bonus, which is equal to, 5000 points which converts to $5. Therefore, you have to accumulate $15 more for your first withdrawal.

Download Honeygain Now!

This is dependent on the internet. Suppose you have an unlimited internet plan and you are not able to use the entire internet, then with the help of this app, you can also use unused internet and earn money from it in return. Making money from this app can be a bit difficult but it definitely works. This is not a fraud and the more devices you use, the more money you can earn. If you have like 10 devices with 5 different connection, you can comfortably make more than $100 a month!

Payment Proof:



One of my favorites right now, owing to the fact that’s it’s so easy. All you have to do is install the Firefox add-on and click on a particular Google search which they link for you. It’s $0.10 for most of these, and they soon add up. I typically make £30 a month from this, and it takes such little effort. Not available for phones as far as I know. Need a Paypal account, and pays on the first of each month automatically. It’s been quiet the last week or so, but regardless I’m still on course for $40 (£32) this month, which is about my average over 3 months and a bit so far.

Join Serpclix Now!

Testable Minds 

This one has been amazing lately. It flies under the radar quite a lot, which may be due to the fact studies haven’t previously come along as often as they could, but I’ve been making Prolific style income for the past week or so here. Very similar to Prolific in their study styles, which makes it much better than your usual consumer survey rubbish. The last one I did I got to play a computer game for 25 mins and $5, which was pretty cool! As long as you allow notifications this is a very worthwhile site, for sure. Another which pays to Paypal at a minimum of $5, so cashouts are quite easy to come by.

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Respondent is known for 2 things – having incredible rates of pay and being bloody hard to get on to their projects. However, those who are qualified in IT in particular, or those who could find themselves rolling in money here as many of their higher paying projects are aimed at those with IT qualifications. Having a work email is extremely beneficial also. I’ve seen studies/projects worth up to £300 an hour here, so you only need to get on 1 a month to blow everything else out of the water.

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Final Words

It’s all about monetizing your android mob. There are hundreds of such apps out of which these are top 7. Install them and get paid while you’re using your mobile. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletters, to get such awesome post direct to your Inbox.

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