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How to make $10 a Day without a Blog

Today I have come with an awesome trick to make money without any requirement. In this post I am discussing about a website that enables writers to earn some income. It’s a great place for making money just with your writing skills. This network is really amazing, but misuse of it may lead to cancellation of payment. And the network is none other than Bubblews.  Many of may have heard about this network, now it’s time to make money from it. 

Intro about Bubblews

Bubblews is found by. It’s a network which pays you for writing articles, the only condition is it must be written by you, should not copy! This is the major mistake many bubblers do, I repeat it again, Never Copy Articles. If your article is of good quality and a nice one, you will get likes comment from the network itself, which worth’s 0.01$ each J. And also for a page view you get 0.01$.

How to Become a Successful Bubbler

  • Post daily 3 to 5 articles. If you are capable of writing more then save it in draft to post it the other day.
  • Always respond to other’s post, comment and interact with the writer.
  • Make your article SEO Friendly so that it can rank in Google.

More tips to get more views

  • Share your article in stumbleupon so that you will get 10 to 20 instant views.
  • Share your article in Social Networks.
  • Don’t use bots, and avoid liking your own posts.
  • Follow more people, so that many will follow you back, limit is 250 follows a day.
  • Never join groups to exchange views and likes.
  • Add “+” before a word to use it like hashtags in social networks, so that your article will trend for a particular topic, and also use “&” to mention peoples.
Happy Bubbling 🙂 !!!

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