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How to Improve Alexa Ranking within 48 hours

Alexa is an organization which ranks website based on traffic & their own algorithms. Improving Alexa Ranking is a quite difficult process. Standard bloggers try to improve alexa ranking next to google page rank. The best thing about Alexa is it updates daily, and provides analytical data upto date. Having an Alexa rank less than 100k will have number of advantages for your blog. Moreover Alexa ranking has no connection with SEO & Google. So, Today I will be discussing about “How to increase alexa ranking within 24 hours“.
Improve Alexa Ranking

Traffic Algorithm & Alexa Toolbar

Alexa’s statistics are based on traffic and specifically traffic from user who have pre-installed alexa toolbar. The best way to increase your alexa ranking is target user who have alexa toolbars installed in their browsers. Go here and install a toolbar in your browser. Also add an alexa widget/plugin to your blog which also help in increasing alexa ranks, you can see the alexa widget of Techspotz below!

Quality Content

Writing quality content & unique content will bring tonnes of traffic to your blog for free, which also helps you in increasing alexa ranking. Alexa rankings are also based on unique sessions, bounce rate, average session duration, pageviews, etc. Always stick on your blog niche. Be regular, which also shows activeness of your blog to search engines, update your blog atleast twice a week.

Social Exposure

Alexa Ranking also includes social presence and share of your blog, so make sure that you have sharing options below every post and do share all your articles in major social medias like facebook, twitter, google plus after you publish it! It makes your articles attractive to viewers when there are more number of share.

Backlinks & Comments

Make sure that you ask questions, reviews, suggestions or do something to make your readers comment in your posts, and also build backlinks to your blog as it helps in almost everything, like traffic, pagerank, and alexa rank too!

Avoid 302 Redirection

302 redirection means redirecting your readers to their country’s domain, this problem may to attack bloggers with custom domains, but if you use blogspot or wordpress domains then it is going to be a major to your blog, because alexa treats them as two different blog, although both the domains link in to same blog, alexa treats them as two different domains, and traffic ar4e divided. To avoid this using 301 Redirection, do ask me what is it ? Google it!

Create a Sitemap

Your sitemap will allow the bots to easily see how your site is laid out. A good site map will help your pages get indexed into the major search engines. You can create your sitemap yourself, or use a tool to generate one.• Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines

Hope you all enjoyed reading this article with new tricks! Try it and post your reviews in comment! Thank you for reading! Happy Blogging 🙂

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